Monday, July 5, 2010

Project Part 2

After picking out some great patterns for my dressmaking extravaganza, I finally found fabric to make the dresses with!

We're making the DKNY pattern, which is quite complicated in it's construction, with a silky leopard fabric for the slip and a black chiffon for the dress.

They look beautiful together, don't they? These fabrics cost about $40 together.

As with any pattern, you cut the tissue pattern out, then place it on your fabric and pin it down. Then you cut the fabric along the pattern. Pretty easy, but also a little labor intensive! The sewing is definitely the hardest part!

See? Tons of pieces (big and small) to cut out!

We've been working on this dress all weekend! It's pretty simple with only about five pieces to construct. So we decided to make two dresses instead of one. I tried to identify colors that were missing from my closet, so I could pick fabrics in colors I didn't have an abundance of like yellow, pink, or orange.

Here are the fabrics we got for the two dresses. They were so cute that we had to get both! The fabrics and lining only cost about $30.

Here are the pieces all cut out. The dress, a pocket, a sash, and ties for the straps...

We're almost done making the dresses with the second pattern. I'll definitely post on the end product and the progress on the DKNY pattern soon!


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  1. Can't wait to see the finished dresses! I think I might just take up sewing. I'd love to make my own clothes. Not all the time, but a few things... love having something special that nobody else has ;-)


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