Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Heart NY

Of course I  love NYC! For so many different reasons, but one of them is the celeb sightings!

You may not be as excited as I am about this, but I've seen regular celebs quite a few times. It's exciting, for sure, but I've really been dying to see a fashion celebrity. (Much harder to spot as they are just real people living their lives...) Today I finally saw a legend (in my mind, at least...).

Yup. Hamish Bowles. I almost said, "Hello," but I didn't want to embarrass myself. I'm still gushing with fashion-joy!

Do you have a fashion-celeb that you're dying to meet or see in person?

Happy hunting!


Monday, November 29, 2010


I have to say that I am thankful for a great many things. Right now, I'm thankful that I just had a week off. Unfortunately, right after a great week off and some time to be thankful, the things I am not thankful for swung right back into full force (jet lag, homework, papers, cyber Monday sales that I cannot afford to participate it, but did...).

But I'll stay positive and show you my Thanksgiving dress that I am very thankful for!

I'm thankful that this dress looks good with navy tights and a black shirt. I'm thankful that it will also look good with cranberry tights and a navy shirt or brown tights and a cranberry shirt. I am thankful that it toes the line between looking pilgrim-ish, but doesn't. I am thankful for this dress.

Dress from Ruche.com, Report shoes, tights and turtleneck from Target.

I am also thankful to still have these fab t-straps. They are absolutely on their last leg as far as wearing them out (meaning I can only wear them when I know I'll be doing little to no walking or on short outings). I'll surely miss them, if I ever have to get rid of them.

And readers, commenters, url clickers, anonymous passers-by, I'm thankful for you. Whether you stop by to read, scan, or for any other (nice) reason. You are the best!

So...um... I guess what I'm trying to say is, thanks.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blue Suede Shoes

Okay, I'll confess: my kicks are not suede. They are leather AND they are bright blue. It's funny when you get a new item of clothing or shoes and the next outfit you wear simply must revolve around the new piece. Such is the case with these little pumps.

I don't own many electric blue tops, but I'm not always extremely concerned with matching, either. So my thought was to wear this teal top with the bright shoes. They certainly don't match, but I think they go together.

I got a lot of stares at the shoes. I hope it wasn't because they're a little quirky! I think it was mostly because the shoes are pretty bright against dark tights.

(Also, on a side note: I read in a magazine once that men do not notice if women wear heels or flats. I have tested this over many days and I find it to be most untrue! Half the people who check out my heels are usually men! How funny is that?! I wonder if this is true for most women... I bet it is!)

I digress! Have a safe and lovely Thanksgiving! I'll definitely post a few more times soon... We need to catch up!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Retail Therapy

Hey all!

I've been so busy with school! It's such a drag, but I'm hoping things will slow down for the break (but they never do, do they?)!

Anyway, I did a little retail therapy today and got a great coat for $75 at LOFT! (I'm not employed by LOFT, I swear!) Do check it out! Such a great deal for $100-$200 regular priced coats. (Again, I am not sponsored by LOFT, but I do love it!)

Here's mine:

I promise you outfit posts soon. I have about three just waiting to be put up! I'll get on that ASAP.


Sunday, November 7, 2010


I've really been slacking on my blogging. I'm feeling really uninspired right now. It' s probably because NY decided to pass on fall and head right into winter this year. And it's been freezing lately, which pretty much means I'm inside or wrapped up in sweaters and scarves. So it's been kinda dull on the fashion and blogging sides of my life.

But shoes. Shoes are never boring. And unless it's snowing or raining you can pretty much wear any pair at anytime. So I'll show you two pairs that I received for my birthday. They're both Olsenboye via JC Penny. (Yes, Olsenboye as in the Olsen twins... Yes, the Olsen twins, designers of The Row and Elisabeth and James.)

These studded black pumps are my favorite! I love a classic black pump with a little twist.

These are funny because they're printed and the heel is pretty low. It almost makes them pass as casual.

I like them tons and they were pretty inexpensive. Always a plus, right?

I'm hoping I'll get inspired again really soon, so we can exchange great outfits and fun posts!