Sunday, November 7, 2010


I've really been slacking on my blogging. I'm feeling really uninspired right now. It' s probably because NY decided to pass on fall and head right into winter this year. And it's been freezing lately, which pretty much means I'm inside or wrapped up in sweaters and scarves. So it's been kinda dull on the fashion and blogging sides of my life.

But shoes. Shoes are never boring. And unless it's snowing or raining you can pretty much wear any pair at anytime. So I'll show you two pairs that I received for my birthday. They're both Olsenboye via JC Penny. (Yes, Olsenboye as in the Olsen twins... Yes, the Olsen twins, designers of The Row and Elisabeth and James.)

These studded black pumps are my favorite! I love a classic black pump with a little twist.

These are funny because they're printed and the heel is pretty low. It almost makes them pass as casual.

I like them tons and they were pretty inexpensive. Always a plus, right?

I'm hoping I'll get inspired again really soon, so we can exchange great outfits and fun posts!


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  1. I love the studded black pumps! I love studs on a simple, classic item, it's chic but fun :-)


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