Saturday, February 27, 2010

Collections from NY

I've been slowly sorting through the American collections. It's quite an undertaking as there are many you must look (that I personally like and others I don't care for) at and many that I want to look at. I picked a few stand outs that I like and some reoccurring trends I saw. I didn't get to everyone, but I found some lovely and inspiring things in the collections.

Derek Lam
Love his use of leather. I'm not typically a leather girl, but I would wear this in a heartbeat.

I love a cool wedge masquerading as a boot.

3.1 Phillip Lim
This just epitomizes the brand's style: cool and confident...

Periwinkle. I love this color, especially with a sparkly gold top beneath it.

A luxurious leather jacket...

I love this outfit for someone my age, but the pieces separately could work for anyone.

Cool color scheme and those socks are so cool.

Really sweet collection this time. They went from ripped tights to flowery ones!

Peter Som
I'm seeing the grunge movement possibly making a return. It looks good so far...

Ralph Lauren
More grunge at RL... Unexpected, but I would like more than anything to rock an evening gown with a comfy long-sleeve  under...

Zac Posen
I always love what Zac does. Everything is mini and fun! I loved these really sheer orange-y tights. 

Erin Featherston
More orange. I feel like most people aren't willing to wear orange, but I feel like this dress makes it exciting (especially with tan footwear).

All white? Yeah! This jacket would look good with so many things.

This dress screams EDITORIAL! I feel like we'll be seeing a lot of this dress in the future...
That's a color I'd love to see more of!

Calvin Klein
I am no minimalist. I adore CK, but I have too much baggage for minimalism. I loved these shoes. I couldn't take my eyes off of the models' feet.

L'wren Scott
L'wren, a red-carpet favorite. She wrapped up some trends for next season in this ensemble: leather and capes. I love this cape. It's feminine and tough, all at once.

Vera Wang
Who wouldn't want to be a Vera Wang girl? Clad in her great evening wear (dresses, pants, and this gorgeous blazer) and her jewelry!

Vera's got so many strengths as a designer, but her jewelry is just killer!

J. Mendel
Couldn't find a close up of the boots... They look amazing. That dress and muff would work for a night out in NYC in a pinch...

This was a hard post to compile, but so fun to look through the collection with purpose! Looking forward to Paris. I'll probably skip much of Milan except for the big names.

Hope you found something you liked, and if not I hope you share something you do love....


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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I had a truly great weekend this weekend. The weekend before midterms seemed like a great opportunity to go all out! So me and one of my friends went for it.

We went for Chinese at this great place called Chin-Chin. They had the BEST fried shrimp in Grand Marnier cream sauce. They took our coats, pulled out my chair, and placed napkins in our lap. The only hitch was my camera resided in my coat... So no dinner picture, though it was beautiful.

Next we hit Dylan's Candy Bar (legendary designer Ralph Lauren's daughter's place). It was like Willy Wonka, but better because you can pick your gummy bear flavors and chocolate is the same price as licorice. We got full candy bags for under $10, which, for the experience, I though was pretty good.

Dessert at our next stop, Serendipity. Yeah, the one from the movie with John Cusack. This is an apple pie sundae. It was made for two, but my friend has mono, so I went it alone!

A mochachino. So rich, and delicious.

After-math.  I did pretty well. I must say...

The next night we went to see comedienne Kathy Griffin perform. 

Grand central. I love coming here. It's been in so many movies that seeing it in real life is surreal.

The theater as Madison Square Garden.

Kathy. Brilliant, offensive, my favorite.

Outfit for the show. H&M dress, Proenza Schouler for Target Jacket (remember that? It's been years now.)

Beautiful dove gray Gianni Bini booties.

Silver necklace I inhertited from a friend. She called it boring and tangly and gave it to me. I love it! It was meant to be.

I had a great weekend. Hope everyone else did too!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexander the Great

A fashion legend died today. So sorry to hear that he was such a troubled soul. Here's a quick post of some of his work:

A recent McQueen ad.

Spring 09' and Spring 08' shoes

Sept 2008 Vogue

Fall 2008 Dress worn by Sarah Jessica Parker

Spring 2007

Fall 2008 collection

Sept, 2006 Vogue
Wow. Some great work here.


White Noise

It's been coming down all day...

Approx. 7 inches of snow

I've never seen anything like it! I didn't know how hard living in a dorm and not being able (or wanting) to leave it is. No food, nothing to do, nowhere to be! I've been inside all day watching TV online, snacking, and doing a little work.

I'll be trudging through it tomorrow, though, for class and for food!

I wore this the night before the storm. 

Rodarte for Target Cardigan, Jcrew Tissue Tee, old Gap pleated skirt, and my favorite mustard MJs

And my "I <3 NY" necklace, a gift from a very dear friend.

This was inspired by Mimi from Rent. Okay, yeah, I know she's a stripper, but she's got some really cool clothes. Albeit trampy-stripery clothes, but they work. Leopard fur coats, ripped fishnets, and the pleated skirt and cinched waist that I was aiming to replicate above. Watch the song clips "Out Tonight/Another Day"on YouTube and you'll see what I mean. Rosario is pretty sick in this role, too!

Snow Day!

Snow days also present a good opportunity to clean-up! So I set up a shoe rack I bought while I was in New Jersey staying with a good friend last the weekend. My shoes were feeling awfully crowded, so I decided to give them some room. I have a mass of them shoved in my tiny closet!


I threw them out of the closet. I should have gotten a shot of them inside that tiny closet!

Organization. How nice.

An outfit I wore for shopping in NJs Garden State Mall...

Yellow Gap cords, UO leopard heels, Chelsea and Violet Plaid Shirt, BR grey cardigan

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter Wonderland

It snowed two nights ago, which was nice and all, but what I like about the snow is all about the wardrobe.

These boots have been a very stylish distraction for me all week. Can't wait to bust them out a few more times. And they are so warm!
Paired with my Jcrew cashmere hat and a Burberry look-a-like coat, that I got on sale while I was home.

That's my roommate's side of the room. Kind of messy!

Not a great close-up of this scarf that I am totally obsessed with. It's got precious stones and gold links all over. It has an eighties gauche vibe, but it also looks sort of classic, too.

The snow is okay. I am enjoying the challenge of dressing for the cold weather. Sometimes it's just a drag though!  These photos make wintery dressing look exciting again:

Google Images. Feb. Vogue 2006

What a nice coat. Classic sixties style. I'm on the lookout for cocoon/swing coat!

Oct. Vogue 2008
Oh fur, so controversial, yet so appealing.

This is my preferred version of a snow shoe.

This Herrera coat was made especially for Amy Adams' press events during her promotion of Leap Year (yes, she's pregnant)... It's just a fantastic piece. Love those colors together.

All other photos courtesy of Google Images

I loved this show! Chuck's wardrobe was one of the best things about it (other than all the sets and cinematography!). It gave me the idea of wearing turtlenecks under dresses for winter. A brilliant idea in NYC.

Hope the winter blues aren't getting you down!