Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I had a truly great weekend this weekend. The weekend before midterms seemed like a great opportunity to go all out! So me and one of my friends went for it.

We went for Chinese at this great place called Chin-Chin. They had the BEST fried shrimp in Grand Marnier cream sauce. They took our coats, pulled out my chair, and placed napkins in our lap. The only hitch was my camera resided in my coat... So no dinner picture, though it was beautiful.

Next we hit Dylan's Candy Bar (legendary designer Ralph Lauren's daughter's place). It was like Willy Wonka, but better because you can pick your gummy bear flavors and chocolate is the same price as licorice. We got full candy bags for under $10, which, for the experience, I though was pretty good.

Dessert at our next stop, Serendipity. Yeah, the one from the movie with John Cusack. This is an apple pie sundae. It was made for two, but my friend has mono, so I went it alone!

A mochachino. So rich, and delicious.

After-math.  I did pretty well. I must say...

The next night we went to see comedienne Kathy Griffin perform. 

Grand central. I love coming here. It's been in so many movies that seeing it in real life is surreal.

The theater as Madison Square Garden.

Kathy. Brilliant, offensive, my favorite.

Outfit for the show. H&M dress, Proenza Schouler for Target Jacket (remember that? It's been years now.)

Beautiful dove gray Gianni Bini booties.

Silver necklace I inhertited from a friend. She called it boring and tangly and gave it to me. I love it! It was meant to be.

I had a great weekend. Hope everyone else did too!

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