Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Three Strikes in Soho

So a weekend or two ago, I thought I'd hit up a few vintage shops in one stop before finals, stress from finals starts, and before leaving NY for the summer. I went to three shops and then to the Soho Park Cafe for lunch in (guess which neighborhood...) Soho.

First stop was Screaming Mimi's:

Mimi's was one of the higher-end vintage stores I've heard of, but frankly I don't think high priced vintage is my thing. I didn't really see designer pieces, though there selection of pieces was well edited. Mimi's was too expensive and didn't fit my needs, so I left empty handed and headed over to...

Zachary's Smile:

One of my beloved Vogue contributors wrote about Zachary's Smile in her book (I had a great idea to do a post on the book just now. Will do!). I was intrigued, so I thought I'd stop by. This shop was better price-wise, but nothing really fit my taste. I did find some really beautiful things under the shops namesake label, but, alas, the label was too expensive. Oh, well... I moved right along to...

Housing Works:

One of my friend's stumbled upon this store when we were looking for places to go in Brooklyn for this post . We never made it to the one in Brooklyn, but they have an excellent website: here. Most items are donated and proceeds go to New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS. 

AND (drumroll...) it's relatively inexpensive to shop here. I only came home with one thing, but I was eyeing a cute Marc Jacobs top (which they had about ten of in different sizes!). They sell vintage furniture and housing wares, too, like satin curtains for $8 for each panel and book ends for $6 each.

Also, next door is a cafe/bookstore full of vintage and used books on the cheap. It was a terribly charming antique/used book store with a very hip vibe. I love Housing Works! Do visit their website because they have some great things!

I bought this vintage bag for $5 dollars! I saw it and I wanted it, so the price didn't matter at the time, but what a deal!

Here's what I wore it with on Saturday night to go out:

I think a fashion mag would write me up for mixing my metals. Silver sequins and a gold bag? Gasp. But you know what they say, rules are meant to be broken.

I also made it to H&M and Madewell that day. So introducing my new H&M embellished tee. It was on sale for $10. Why? I have no idea. I love it!

Worn with a BCBG skirt, leopard print shoes from Urban, and my new vintage bag from Housing Works!

Have a great day all!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not so Basic Black

Just thought I'd update everyone on what I wore with my new bee coin purse. I thought simple black would look best--well simple black and some purple! I guess I don't do simple very well! Ha.

Check out my BEE purse... and my roommate's towels!

Wearing: a dress I bought from Muse in Laguna Beach, California, Merona leggies (as I call them), purple necklace (that you can't see) from Target, black and purple Sigerson Morrison for Target heels, and bee coin purse from Anthropologie.

My lion belt just happened to be on my dresser, but he's cute so I'll let it slide.

Absolutely obsessed with these Sigerson Morrison for Target shoes. Oh, I love them! I always pair them with this ridiculously large necklace from Target. They go so well together!

Has anyone checked out the Zac Posen for Target collection? I can't wait to go home and raid it! "Hey, mom wanna go to Target later...?"

I know some people are SO OVER the Target collaborations, but I say keep them coming! I love them! Innovative, chic, affordable designer pieces? I'm saying yes for good!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guess Who I Met...

...If you guessed Teen Vogue Editor-In-Chief Amy Astley, you're absolutely right!

I went to panel held at The City College of New York in Harlem to hear a panel talk about fashion careers and fashion in the media. I traveled quite a bit to get there, too. M100 bus for blocks and blocks!

Here's the City College, isn't it pretty?

There was a lot of coverage about blogs and Twitter, how the fashion print industry is changing, brands, and, of course, how to get into the industry.

Amy was so kind and intelligent. She really gave thoughtful opinions on a variety of topics and good advice. She was genuinely a pleasure to listen to!

The panel included: Marie Griffin- President/Owner, Griffin Marketing & PR, Amy Astley- Editor-in-Chief, Teen Vogue, Andy Hilfiger- Owner/President, Andy Hilfiger Entertainment; Co-Founder, Star Branding, Britt Aboutaleb- Editor, Fashionista

I bought this handy book at the seminar.

And Amy signed it for me!

I was most excited that I got to speak to Amy and she gave me some advice. I told her (nervously, mind you) about my goals to be a market editor. She gave me simple advice, "You need to get an internship. Just email people off of the masthead." She even suggested/unofficially gave me permission to email, the woman who has my dream job, Meredith Melling Burke.

For any other budding fashionistas: Amy mentioned that having a blog is not only an asset to help hone your writing skills, but it also can be used in a resume. Another thing, Amy said she (or her assistant) always gives a response to anyone who emails her. If you are serious about a career in fashion and you personally have a question for Amy, I think you shouldn't hesitate to contact her or someone from her team.

Thanks to Amy for making my day! Have a good one!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Two weekends ago I had some friends come into town, which was a great excuse to do some fun NYC touristy stuff that I never get a chance to do. And what is the first place my friends want to go when coming to NYC? Not to Rockefeller Center, not Times Square, not even Magnolia Bakery... PINKBERRY. But, hey, I don't need an excuse to go to Pinkberry. I'd go right now if someone asked!

After a Picnic in Central park and Pinkberry, we were off to the Plaza Hotel and FOA Schwarz. Thinking only of my blog, I managed to snag a few lovely photos of the Bergdorf widows. I love them! Monsters, vampires, and fantastic clothes! 

I love the humor in these windows. It's very refreshing. There were more interesting windows with dinosaurs and a gorilla or two, but my friends had no patience with me and my photos. Here are the few I was able to sang:



A Bacall/Bogie-esque scene

I had never been to FAO before, so I wasn't really expecting to see anything in particular. The Barbies really got me feeling nostalgic, though. Some of them were so stylish! And highly easy to photograph!

Just had to put this one in. I love how robotic Jacob looks trying to stop Bella. Me and my friends are kind of into Twilight, so we enjoyed this.

Barbie fashion show! They rotate around the runway and spin around when they get to the front.

1940s, 1950s, and 1960s era Barbies. Very Madmen, I must say.

1950s and 1960s couture inspired gowns.

A psychedelic, Pucci style print on a very psychedelic girl.

A 1970s inspired outfit.

1990s modern LBDs

One last look at the city. It really was a beautiful day that day.

I'm trying to keep up with posting, but finals are just around the corner!

Thanks to all my new followers! I sure do appreciate your support of SD!


Friday, April 16, 2010


I got a very cute gift in the mail today! I was not expecting it, but when I opened it was just perfect. Ready?

My new bee coin purse from Antropologie!

It's part of a bee themed gift from my best friend who goes to school in Seattle...

A close-up of the card from Papyrus! I just love this brand. Their cards are the CUTEST!

These are the sequin bees... Impressively detailed!

Of course, there was a catch or, rather, a surprise...

Bit-O-Honey candy from my bees!

I have no idea how I am going to wear this, yet, but I am definitely going to do it! I just wanted to post this before I go out tonight... I'm in between a few other posts, too, but I just HAD to share this... 

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How I Learned to Be Fierce

In Memory of: Dixie Carter

I was so sad to hear of one of my favorite actresses passing. My dear Dixie Carter from the 1980s show Designing Women lost her battle to cancer on Sunday. I used to watch Designing Women everyday after and before school for years during elementary, middle, and even high school so this was just terrible news!

I came to love the ladies on the show as dear friends. I learned so much from them: sarcasm, style, and how to be a strong female. Dixie's character Julia Sugarbaker especially possessed these traits. She was one of the first strong female leads on TV and I can tell you that I certainly learned from Julia. She always stood up for herself and her beliefs. She even did so in fab 80s suits and heels.

Boy was she FIERCE! That's where I learned it and I can thank Dixie for that.

Photos from Google Images and

Monday, April 12, 2010

Flower Girl

Another outfit post with flowers involved. Oh, I just love flowers and spring! But enough about that. Let's see some photos!

All of these flowers reminded me of this print. It's the oddest thing. It looks floral from far away, but up close it kind of looks like a Jackson Pollock style painting. I like it. I'm not much for florals usually, so this is a nice compromise.

Ha! This is the pose my friends and family always see me in...

...this is not, but it sure looks cute!

This dress is from Forever21, worn with flats by Nature. I got those on a super sale from the "comfort shoes" section. I know what you're thinking: comfort = ugly. These are both comfy and cute with patent leather cap toe and metallic body. Love these!

The belt came from a dress my sister wore when she was in elementary school. I really like it. It's thick, black patent, and it was free!

I made this necklace. I was going for the Subversive look. I like it. I could have soldered parts of it to make it look better, but overall it pairs nicely with a feminine dress like this one.

I got some great ideas for a new post this weekend while touring the city with a friend from out of town. Really excited to share!