Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Two weekends ago I had some friends come into town, which was a great excuse to do some fun NYC touristy stuff that I never get a chance to do. And what is the first place my friends want to go when coming to NYC? Not to Rockefeller Center, not Times Square, not even Magnolia Bakery... PINKBERRY. But, hey, I don't need an excuse to go to Pinkberry. I'd go right now if someone asked!

After a Picnic in Central park and Pinkberry, we were off to the Plaza Hotel and FOA Schwarz. Thinking only of my blog, I managed to snag a few lovely photos of the Bergdorf widows. I love them! Monsters, vampires, and fantastic clothes! 

I love the humor in these windows. It's very refreshing. There were more interesting windows with dinosaurs and a gorilla or two, but my friends had no patience with me and my photos. Here are the few I was able to sang:



A Bacall/Bogie-esque scene

I had never been to FAO before, so I wasn't really expecting to see anything in particular. The Barbies really got me feeling nostalgic, though. Some of them were so stylish! And highly easy to photograph!

Just had to put this one in. I love how robotic Jacob looks trying to stop Bella. Me and my friends are kind of into Twilight, so we enjoyed this.

Barbie fashion show! They rotate around the runway and spin around when they get to the front.

1940s, 1950s, and 1960s era Barbies. Very Madmen, I must say.

1950s and 1960s couture inspired gowns.

A psychedelic, Pucci style print on a very psychedelic girl.

A 1970s inspired outfit.

1990s modern LBDs

One last look at the city. It really was a beautiful day that day.

I'm trying to keep up with posting, but finals are just around the corner!

Thanks to all my new followers! I sure do appreciate your support of SD!


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  1. That's a stunning pic of New York. Love your blog!


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