Monday, April 12, 2010

Flower Girl

Another outfit post with flowers involved. Oh, I just love flowers and spring! But enough about that. Let's see some photos!

All of these flowers reminded me of this print. It's the oddest thing. It looks floral from far away, but up close it kind of looks like a Jackson Pollock style painting. I like it. I'm not much for florals usually, so this is a nice compromise.

Ha! This is the pose my friends and family always see me in...

...this is not, but it sure looks cute!

This dress is from Forever21, worn with flats by Nature. I got those on a super sale from the "comfort shoes" section. I know what you're thinking: comfort = ugly. These are both comfy and cute with patent leather cap toe and metallic body. Love these!

The belt came from a dress my sister wore when she was in elementary school. I really like it. It's thick, black patent, and it was free!

I made this necklace. I was going for the Subversive look. I like it. I could have soldered parts of it to make it look better, but overall it pairs nicely with a feminine dress like this one.

I got some great ideas for a new post this weekend while touring the city with a friend from out of town. Really excited to share!


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