Saturday, January 23, 2010

Up in the Air

I flew back to NYC Monday (on a 6 AM flight, no less). I was truly exhausted and not really ready to leave home and my family yet, but I got to spend some time on my own on my way and got to thinking about how much I love airports. 

I watched the movie this post was titled after and I was thrilled to see so many of the different airports. Usually in film airports are either glamorous, happy, or sort of depressing. Up in the Air showed some to be bleak and industrial, others hopeful and somehow comfortable. It made me want to sit in an airport bar and have a drink while people-watching.

 I think the movie quite accurately portrays what it's like to travel alone. At times it feels lonely, but when you take a moment to think about it, quite a few people are alone. Like it was in the movie, it's a little bleak, a little humbling, but it can also be  a fun adventure. 

I managed to take this picture (and the others, below) without getting stampeded in the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport. I've been through it a few times and I am always pleased to walk off a plane to the sight of the giant floor to ceiling glass walls. It's an architectural feat, in my humble opinion. It's a beautiful sight after being cooped up on a plane for so long.

It's a great place to sit and think and I always get to thinking about traveling on my own. I have been so fortunate in the past few years to be able to travel quite a bit with friends, family, and on my own. I've found that, though it is a little lonely, I like traveling on my own. I look forward to it. It's a great opportunity to think and its such a unique feeling.

I think airports are great places to take pictures, but it can be a challenge in busy ones. I managed to snag a few. I'd like to continue to update this post... I think travel photos are the best. Some of the larger airports have some great views, which could get any weary traveler out a funk. 
On a plane from NY.
The local airport in my hometown. Gotta' love the southwestern style chairs!
The sun setting on the way home from NY. I wasn't supposed to have my camera on...

Views from Dallas/Ft Worth

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Working on the official blog title.

 I've come up with a few... To no avail. I have been stuck on the words: Lovely and Amazing, Fantastical, Extraordinary (I was working with alliteration, you know, "The Extraordinary something of Emily." Going for something without with words: blog, fashion, clothes, glitter, fabulous...

Settled on "Fantastical Distractions" for now, but I am likely to change it about 70 more times. We'll see what happens in the next few days.

On second thought, "fashion" could be in the title. Fashion Distractions? Stylish Distractions?

I think I'm on to something here... I'll try "Stylish Distractions" on second thought...

Here's a one of my favorite 'Stylish Distractions.' Kate Moss in a bathtub reading "Help Your Husband Get Ahead." Brilliant.

Kate in bathtub
Google images

Posted January 15, 2010 12:48:47 AM MST

I Love...

Here a few things I am loving right now.

I got these loafers at Target. I always have a loafer/boat shoe/flat that I use as my go-to for shopping, errands, plane rides, etc. I spotted these and thought that they were perfect. 

Very MJ, right? Especially with bright socks and cuffed jeans (my favorite way to wear them).

Next, these yellow cords were on my wish list forever. I originally never thought I could pull them off, but I just became infatuated with colored pants all of a sudden. I began seeing them on girls all over the place and then I found these cropped yellow cords  in my size and I had to snatch them up. 
Naturally, they are cropped and still too long for me, but I have no qualms with cuffing pants. I am so used to it and it looks great. I also love the shoes I pared with them. Had them for years. They look just perfect with anything you pair them with. Love.
And I love my long sleeve black tees right now. Especially my black turtleneck (can you tell?). It's perfect for the weather I am about to face. Here in NM I could get away with a turtleneck or long sleeve tee under a summer/fall dress, but in NYC I am going to have to pile on the layers. The turtleneck is definitely going to make a few appearances under my dresses, even if I have to run to class!
I'm thinking another "Love" post with pictures from fashion mags and such will be fun in the coming days, but I had to mention this...
I love this gorgeous picture...
Trying to work on a "Past Fashions" post, but heading back to school in one week's time, so I have to plan for the two hour time difference! So not ready to head back! It's going to be so cold.
All for now.

Posted January 12, 2010 10:10:28 PM MST

The Begining

I'm Emily from New Mexico
Have you heard of it? Know where it is?
No?It's okay. Most people don't.

Haven't really decided whether this is a diary or a fashion-y, interest related blog. Maybe it's both.

I attend school in NY. There are so many unique activities and opportunities there that it seemed like a bit of a waste not to keep some sort of log of them. I've wanted to move to NYC my whole life and being there seems surreal, even now. Isn't it weird when dreams come to fruition?
One thing that I will always want to remember is how my style has and will evolve. I mean seven years ago I was sporting a long denim skirt and Jansport back pack. Ten years ago my staple was a little baby blue cardigan. Now? We'll get to that.
I'm kind of undergoing a huge transition. From prep school in my (relatively) small town to college in NYC. I've been trying to get into vintage (specifically reasonably priced designer vintage) and doing the high-low dressing thing. I'm turning out some interesting outfits lately.
My favorite mother-daughter blog inspired me, but their financial resources are beyond me. Wouldn't it be nice to have unlimited funds? Wouldn't we all look fabulous if we had enough money? A pity.
I think as I continue to progress my style it might actually be important to visit some of my favorite pieces from THE PAST. Naturally, I am a pack-rat so I save these things. Ha!
More to come...

(Below): My New Years Eve outfit, a Photobooth picture. (I am not ashamed to use Photobooth, unfortunately.) Very cool Rodarte for Target lace cardigan/ dark grey long sleeve shirt under/ gold leopard headband.
Got dinner with my friends and then skipped a party to watch Kathy Griffin specials all night... Worth it.
Photo 9

Posted January 5, 2010 8:50:46 PM MST