Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some News

A few updates for y'all:

I've been working on a new header. This is what I've made so far:

I think it's a little too much of me. I know that you have to be somewhat of a narcissist to even take a picture of yourself and blog about it, but I'd be embarrassed if my header screamed, "NARCISSIST!" It's a work in progress.

Additionally, a few months ago I interviewed and got a position at one of my favorite, favorite publications (EVER) and two days ago I started work at this truly fantastic fashion magazine. I was going to mention it earlier, but I wanted to be sure of the rules on this sort of thing. I signed a confidentiality agreement today actually saying what I can say, ie. the magazine's name and vague things like that, as long as all of the contents (cover stars, interviews, spreads) are top secret, which they definitely will be.

Out of sheer professionalism, I won't disclose a name or any specifics aforementioned or otherwise about the magazine. However, I wanted to let you all know that I am working in fashion(!) Thankfully, working at this magazine in my two days experience has been an absolute delight so far, but OH BOY my feet hurt! (Acceptable details to disclose, I think.)

Should you have any questions about how to get an internship  or questions about interviews, though I have limited experience, I would be happy to answer you via the comments or in an email. I know I was a little lost at the beginning of my search, too. I'll also say that The Teen Vogue Handbook (I had mine signed by Amy Astley) is an invaluable resource, as is the website

That's all, folks! Gee, I know that I'm going to be so exhausted this semester! I can't wait!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Faux to Go

My love for Ebay is sort of an on/off thing. Sometimes I totally ignore it, sometimes I am obsessed, and sometimes we're together, but just casually.

But lately things have been on. Very on. Because I have been in hot pursuit of a faux fur scarf and, more recently, a vintage mink collar to attach to sweaters and coats. I've got the goods and I'm patiently waiting for them in the mail. My luck has lead me to wonder, how often to you find exactly what you want on ebay?! (Okay, I confess, I lose auctions all the time! I forget that I've placed a bid on something and log on later to find out that I've lost. I don't get what I want pretty often. So you might win auctions, but I feel lucky whenever I win one.)

 Photo credit: ebay seller

I was whining about wanting a leopard fur scarf back in July and can't wait to style it up now that winter is still in full force.

Could it be that I'm changing my tune?! Let it snow! ...But not too much!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Putting it Together

I've been loafing around the house pretty much everyday since I've been on break. So except for a few lunches, appointments, and shopping trips, I haven't really had a chance to wear the clothes and shoes I got for Christmas.

I do, however, dress up everyday for school and I've been trying to brainstorm how to put everything together. There's a myriad of options, of course, so I made a little collage on Polyvore with a few of them items I received. It was nice just to see things laid out so perfectly--cardigans (my outfits usually revolve around a warm cardigan) with skirts and shoes. I think everything is pretty versatile and seeing it this way gives me tons of ideas.


I can't wait to put it all together!
How cool is it that Polyvore has most of the items that you can buy in stores on its site? So crazy! Click, if you like any of these items. I lucked out on some great sales!


Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Shoes

I wanted to share my new shoes!

I got two  new pairs as gifts for Christmas and two more on a post NYE sale. I was very relieved and excited to acquire these shoes because every pair has been on my radar and on my mind for quite some time. So nice to cross things off of your wish-list!

The two on the right are both from Urban Outfitters. The wedges, which were on an insane sale, are more summer-appropriate, but I'm hoping socks will make them work for now. If you read SD, you might have seen me post about these the wing-tip pumps a few times. Finally, they belong to me!

The two on the left are my new acquires on a 50% off red tag sale. Jessica Simpson bow, zipper flats and Vince Camuto bootie wedges. Love, love, love these. I was trying to be modest and not spend a ton of money, but the deals were too good to resist!

Our favorite department store gets pretty busy during sales, but this year it was total madness. It was a little annoying, but I was really happy to see people out spending money. There were women buying five boxes of shoes! Surely, a good sign for the economy, if not just for our local economy.

I remember when the recession was in full, terrible swing. My sister, mom, and I were very fortunate to have a little spending money and were able to score some incredible deals on clothing and shoes. I acquired some great stuff, but I'm glad it isn't quite as bad and that things are starting to improve for people. I hope that's more of what 2011 will bring!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last Christmas

Jeeze, I have been avoiding this blog! I have no idea why, though. I guess I was just enjoying the last days of feeling the holiday spirit. Now the holidays are really, truly over. Isn't it sad?

I am really obsessed with Christmas, so I particularly dislike this time of year. The lights come down, the decorations get put away, and the tree has to go! I hate it. Hate. Hate. Now everyone will be back to work and real life. Boo to that!

Since this time of year is not quite over, I'll relive it one last time. I'm so late with this, but here is what I wore on Christmas Eve.

Sweater from American Eagle, plaid shirt from Chelsea and Violet, skirt from Forever 21, tights from Hue, and shoes from Steve Madden.

I don't usually do colored tights, but I've been trying to branch out. Plus, what is better from Christmas Eve than a cranberry sweater and matching tights? I definitely wanted to wear red and green this year. I was feeling extra festive, I guess.

I didn't go out on New Year's Eve this year. Thank goodness. I didn't go out last year, either. Funny enough, that was the night I gave in and decided to start a blog. I'm so glad I did.

Some great things have happened in 2010. I'm hoping for even more exciting opportunities and adventures in 2011. I hope the same for you!