Wednesday, July 21, 2010

6 Fall Essentials

Here's a nice list of 6 things I want before school starts!
(You can click any of the products on the first two collages for more info!)

1. Candy Colored J Crew Sweaters -- Ranging in Price from $50 to $158
Sweeater Set 

Doesn't J Crew have the best cardies? But they're so expensive! My goal is just to get a cashmere blend one at a reasonable price. I wear a lot of color all year round, so a bright color is a must!

2. Heels from Urban Outfitters -- Price $48

Urban Shoes

Urban Shoes by Esanchez4536 featuring Kimchi Blue shoes

I know when people say "I need" that it sounds silly. You don't need things like shoes or a bag, but I think I actually do need these shoes! I had a similar black and white pair, but the heel is beyond repair. I had to put them out to pasture, so now I need a replacement. I saw these black and white, wingtip, t-strap heels from Urban, which are pretty similar. Sold.

I also need brightly colored pumps in yellow or green. Yeah, I need them!

3. Rugby Ralph Lauren Oxford -- Preferably in pale purple or yellow
I plan on picking one of these up from Rugby on sale for (hopefully) about $30. I got my last oxford in a size up to get the "boyfriend" shirt vibe. I've steered clear from getting an actual menswear style shirt, (a no, no for petite girls, unless the shirt is worn as a dress) but going a size or two up works just as well for a relaxed vibe!

4. Brightly Colored Hooded Trench

Treches.egg  on Aviary
 Eddie bauer grey Nisqually trench, green Michael Kors trench, blue Michael Kors trench from

It rains a lot in NYC. Actually it rains frequently in the north east, in general. It's pretty much just the southwest where it is absolutely dry as a bone. As a native southwesterner, I am no good with rain. I need a good umbrella and a serious trench (waterproof + a hood) to keep me dry! I found some decently stylish options. I think I might go for the blue one! It's moderately priced at $98, has a hood, and is a bright color!

5. Faux Fur Leopard Scarf

Leopard scarf.egg  on Aviary

This is a must for winter. All I am picturing is my normal, bland winter coats + a cozy faux leopard scarf. I found a few examples here, but I'm going to turn to Ebay for this purchase.

6. School Bag

School bag.egg  on Aviary
Clockwise from top: Cambridge Satchel Company bags in various colors,  Gap coated canvas tote, grey Mimo wool bag from

The new school year always begs for a new bag. I usually go for a tote, but I'm open to a messenger style this year.

I'll look at Target before I commit to anything. I've actually purchased two or three bags from Target for less than $20 that have lasted the whole year.

What are you planning on buying for Fall/Winter?



  1. your blog is laid out pretty gud itself, its very good I decided to follow you =]

  2. Love the school bags and brightly colored trenches. Great choices.

  3. Hi Emily!

    This is my first day wearing my yellow suede shoes from UO. So far, so good! The color isn't SUPER bright, but isn't quite mustard either...somewhere in case you were going for one or the other. They fit true to size. That minty-green color is so unique - wish I could get those too!


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