Friday, July 16, 2010

A Better Blog?

I stumbled upon this IFB article about how this 31 day challenge blog and workbook can help to improve your blog. I'm definitely taking some of the tips!

Did you see the 6 Great Reads post I did? Well that's part of the "create a list post" challenge . I've also completed Day 4 by interlinking posts and Day 10 by cleaning up my side bar! I'm sure if you have a blog, that you've probably already completed Day 19 by responding to blog comments and Day 8 by commenting on a new blog (mine, perhaps?).

This is a great resource for bloggers. I hope that if you haven't seen it before, you'll contemplate a few of the Problogger tips... Also, a new 31 day challenge group for women bloggers is starting on July 19, if you're interested.

I couldn't hurt, right?

Let me know your experiences with this or if you plan to try it out.



  1. Ooh this was very helpful! :) I think I'm going to try this out soon actually, so many little factors that I'd never thought about before. xx

  2. I'm so glad! Yeah, I saw this and I immediately wanted to post it. These are just some universally helpful ideas! Let me know if it helps you in the future!


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