Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All that Glitters is Gold - A DIY

I did a post recently about a DIY blog and after collecting the supplies I decided to attempt one of the DIYs that I featured on my blog. The DIY was to make a pair of earrings out of rope and rhinestones. I've seen a few similarly nautical themed pieces of jewelry in stores, so I thought that I would save money and have fun making them. It was also pretty simple!

All you need is (shown clockwise): fishhook ear wires, 8mm cord hooks, rhinestone trim (about a half yard), and rope trim (I used a yard of a medium thickness gold rope).

On a side note: the cost of all the supply was about $12! The rhinestones made up $6 of the total.

All of the supply was found at my local hobby store.

1. I made a few knots near the end of one side of the rope. I didn't want the earrings to be too large or dangly, so I only made a few knots. Be sure to allow space in between each knot, so that you can complete step 2.

2. Weave the rhinestones into the rope.

3. Then trim the rhinestones.

4. Super glue the ends of the rhinestones to the rope base.

5. Attach the cord end hooks to the ear wires.
6. Fit the ends of the rope into the hooks. Super glue them in and let them dry.

7. Pair the earrings with cool accessories and nautical themed top and prepare to get some complements on your handiwork!

I also made a bracelet with the same supply, but I added glue on clasps as bracelet connectors. I only wish the connectors were gold instead of silver!
1. Cut the cord in half and double it around wrist (just to get a general measurement of how long it should be).
2. Twist the rhinestones around the cord.
3. Glue the cord and rhinestones together in four or five places, so that they will stay together.
4. I cut the cord into two strands, but left one of the cords longer so I could knot it in order to fasten it (this will cover the silver connectors). I glued the fasteners on the shorter cord ends to attach them. (See below) I'm sure there is a better way to do this, but my way served its purpose...

It looks rough here, but I left tape on the ends of the rope... Why? Another note: Each time you cut the rope you should put tape on the place you want to cut so that the rope doesn't fray!

The end result is definitely cute! I'm wearing these ASAP! I hope you'll try these DIYs! They're too easy! I hope the directions were easy enough to follow...


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