Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stripe Skirt

I wore this probably a month ago for dinner with a friend. I wasn't loving how the photos turned out, but now they've grown on me. This skirt just gets me! I love it!

And I think it's a milestone. I believe it was my first NYC purchase on my own... It's from American Apparel.

I'm also wearing my favorite Gap v-neck tee (I'm obsessed. I have five in different colors and wear them all time!) shoes from Seychelles, and a crystal and pearl necklace, which was a gift from my mom.

I really love this necklace. It's so delicate looking and sweet. It's tiny, though, so it's not a huge focus of an outfit.

I hope your Tuesday is going well. I'm staying in tonight to watch Teen Mom. Are you tuning in to Teen Mom? It's the best birth control ever, in my opinion!



  1. awsome skirt, girl!!!
    and thank you so much for stopping by my blog:)
    please follow me if you find something interesting:)

    xoxo, Olya

  2. Emily thanks so much for weighing in on the Forever21 debate. Interesting, huh?

    Girlfriend I am all up in Teen Mom! It's my version of crack!!

    ps-love that skirt on you! it's a keeper!

  3. LOVE your skirt. I am such a sucker for tie dye prints. I am pretty sure I bought that skirt in red Ikat print on my first day in NY. We have so much in common.

  4. Elisa, Carrie, and Olya- Thanks!

    Robyn- We do! I vaguely remember that print. It was cute!


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