Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday's Photos 7

You may have noticed a Friday's Photo theme: September issue shoots. So this week the theme continues with Marie Claire's "She's A Lady."

It's a lovely, fanciful shoot and I wish that I could wax on about it, but Friday's Photo was designed to be quick and efficient. My Friday is going to be madness, so I must get back to it!

I'm going back to NYC on Sunday. I have a VERY busy week coming up and I won't be posting quite so much, but do check back midweek when things are a little calmer!

Also, please excuse me, if it takes me a few days to respond to your comments or visit/comment on your site. I will not forget! I will get back to you as soon as I get the chance!

I'm wondering, readers, which magazines are you loving this September?

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

6 of My Favorite Looks from Pushing Daisies

Last week I popped one of my favorite series into my DVD player and sat down to enjoy Pushing Daisies. I so miss this show!

Photo credit: ABC 

I first read about it in the entertainment section of a newspaper at my grandparent's house (oddly I started watching Grey's Anatomy for the same reason). I remember the article well. It described a quirky, odd, whimsical show, about a pie making private investigator who could bring the dead back to life. Sounds weird, right? I thought so, too. I had to watch it just to investigate. Especially after the article mentioning murder victim's lives being counted up to minute they died (like Harold Hundin, a murdered polygamist, who was 37 years, 11 weeks, 5 days, 1 hour, and 2 minutes old when one of his four wives killed him.).

Photo credit: ABC

 I watched the pilot, which was cutely titled the "Pie-let" episode, and have loved the show ever since. The main plot other than the PI thing is the love story revealed in the first episode. Ned the pie maker can bring the dead to life with one touch of his finger. When he discovers his childhood sweetheart, Chuck, is dead he doesn't hesitate to revive her. The catch is that a second touch from Ned would kill Chuck forever.

So begins an epic romance and fairytale story where the two lovers can never touch. Sounds good, right? Ned and Chuck keep the romance alive by kissing through plastic wrap and, in a particularity fantastical scene, they slow dance in beekeepers suits. I'm a sucker for this stuff! I'll spare you further details about this truly splendid love story/murder-mystery series.

My point of this post is (you knew there was a point, right?) that Chuck has very impeccable style. Costume designer Robert Blackman gave Chuck a very retro look. Her style seems to date from the  forties in the early episodes to the seventies toward the end of the first season. It's one of the most stylish shows I've ever seen. I also love how the colors of the scenes and Chuck's clothes are really saturated and bright.

I digress (can you tell how much I love this show?). Here are 6 of My Favorite Looks from Pushing Daisies:

1. Incognito Dress and Hat

From the episode Fun in Funeral.

Isn't this a fantastic outfit? I love the big hat, matching dress, and sunglasses. I believe the shoes are in the same fabric, too!

2. Four Wives and a Funeral Dress

From the episode Bitches.

This dress was worn with a matching coat that was a little longer than the shift dress. Chuck wore this very cheery ensemble to a funeral.

3. Buzzzzzz Yellow Dress

ABC Promotional shot

This was a promotional shot for the show, but definitely something that Chuck would have worn onscreen for a murder investigation or a day working at The Pie Hole with Ned.

4.  'Urban Honey Pioneer' Dress

From the episode Pigeon.

Ned gives Chuck her very own hives of bees to raise. Chuck wears a very pretty, full peach dress with white ballet flats and a prim cardigan sweater.

5. 'Down to My Silky Intimates'

From the episode Bzzzzz

This was the first outfit from the second season. Chuck's hives of bees were killed by pesticides, so she pours them on a nearly naked Ned to bring them back... Cute romper lingerie!

6. The Red Promo Dress

ABC promotional shot

Here she's matchy matchy in a much favored red color.

It took me about a week to finish this post. The research was a pleasure! I used the Pushing Daisies Wiki, which is very fun, and Imdb, of course!

Does anyone else love this show? What are some of your TV/ Movie style inspirations?


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Mad Men World

I purchased this dress from Twitch Vintage (who's owner Robyn also has a blog and has been so kind to comment on my blog). It was very reasonable under $20 and I really love it. It has such a Mad Men 50/60s style feel to it! I also like that it looks like separates, but is actually one piece.

I paired this dress with leopard accents like these shoes and the scarf that I used as a sash around my waist. I was trying to do some retro posing and I even pulled out my red lipstick for this shoot! I still feel a little young for red lips, but I try the color out every once and while.

I know the 50/60s silhouette begs for pointy heels, but I've never been a fan of pointed toe shoes. Except for these leopard pumps from UO. They're definitely one of my favorite shoes that I own!

I've had so much luck with online vintage especially on Ebay and Etsy shops. What about you guys? What are some of your favorite online vintage shops?

Have a great day!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday's Photos 6

This week I've really been feeling the retro look and I hope that the trend will last for a few seasons. Particularly, I love this spread from Lucky Magazine's September issue called Retro Modern. It's just a gorgeous vintage inspired spread done in a very wearable (and inspiring way).

Here are a few of the photos, but you should definitely check out the magazine for this spread and a very long feature on fall shoes!

Pretty lovely, huh?

Have a great weekend, readers!


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Thursday, August 19, 2010

6 Trends I (Probably) Won't Wear this Fall

It seems like a long time since we all outlined the trends from Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion week. It's pretty clear the trends that most people are loving and some that they won't be sporting come Fall.

Nearly every 6 list I've done so far has been "great" things, "best" buys, "favorite" this or that, so I thought it might be time to change gears. How about trends I'm not excited to see and wear? Or my least favorite fall trends?

Here are "6 Trends I (Probably) Won't Wear This Fall":
*I have to have add the probably in there because we all change our minds on some things...

1. Kitten Heels:

 Missoni heels.

Kitten heels are okay. They look fine (aside from making ankles and legs look a bit fuller than tall heels would). That's sort of the reason that I'm not crazy about them. It's because they are JUST okay.

Marni F/W 2010. Photo via
I've seen cute kitten heels and they are pretty practical. But if I'm buying shoes, I want to be excited. I'm not interested in practical, if the shoe isn't spectacular! They need to be must-haves! They have to thrill me! Kitten heels are just not thrilling.

I'd rather spend money on heels that make my legs look lithe and my frame a little taller!

 Prada F/W 2010. Photo via

There's even a story to this effect in the September issue of Bazaar!

2. Skinny Cargos:

J Brand “Houlihan” Cargo Skinny Pant

This is where the "probably" part of this list comes in. I don't care for the look of skinny cargos. The pockets seem to add volume on a part of the leg that need not be voluminous. At the same time, if I see these styled in a really fun, interesting way (I haven't, yet), I could change my tune.

3. Return to Boho:

I didn't get on the bohemian bandwagon when Sienna Miller (and the Olsen Twins) basically started it in 2005.

It just never appealed to me the way the more ladylike look has. Of course, trends are cyclical, so boho has been on its way back for some time.

 Ralph Laure F/W 2010. Photo via

I'm surprised that boho's first signs of return in years were accompanied a season largely focused on proper 1950s styles. As for going boho? I'll be sticking to my guns... and my full skirts!

4. Ankle Length Skirts:

 Louis Vuitton F/W 2010. Photo via

As I've just said, I really love anything fifties style, but the authentic 1950s lengths shown on the Louis Vuitton runway don't suit me well at all. I'm relatively petite and honestly even heels don't help much by way of long skirts. I've seen girls look fab in ankle length full skirts, but they just aren't for me!

Prada F/W 2010. Photo via
5. Shearling:

 Gap F/W 2010. Photo via

Shearling looks warm. It looks comfy. It's a seventies era style staple. It's even got a casual look about it.
 Rag and Bone F/W 2010. Photo via

It also reminds me of fleece and I'm not into fleece. Nor am I into shearling.

As for faux fur this fall, I'm looking for a faux fur vest and a faux fur leopard scarf.

6. Clogs:

Miu Miu clogs.

This is pretty controversial, but I am not a fan of clogs. Nope. Not at all. They're clunky, chunky, and not my style. Even the Miu Miu's above aren't making me swoon.

 Celine clogs.

I've even seen them styled well and boy are some girls are really rocking the clogs! I guess some trends aren't for everyone.

Do tell me readers, what trends aren't working for you this Fall/Winter?


Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Simple

It's been an extremely hot summer. Say what you will about global warming, but I've always thought that it is WAY too hot here in NM. I won't banter on about climate change on my style blog. The only time I even ponder it is when it rains here, then I start to worry.

Everyone, including myself, is pretty excited for fall to come around. Unfortunately, fall in NYC is a little different. It's so rainy. As a native southwesterner, I hate rain. However, rain = rainboots and I do like rainboots! I have tons of outfits planned for my yellow wellies!

For now, I'm still trying to beat the heat in wedges and dresses. Like this outfit:

Dress: Target, Shoes: gift. Yup, my summer outfits are as simple as that. Two easy pieces. So simple.

I'll certainly be excited to get back to layering and creating interesting outfits for classes and internships, but I have a feeling that I'll start missing the NM dry heat and warm weather pretty quickly. Especially when it rains for days... and later when winter rolls around again!

I'm wondering, are you excited for fall and what will you miss about the summer?

Happy Monday readers!


*I guess we were having a comment issue! It should be fine now!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday's Photo 5

Oh, my goodness! I have posted a lot in the past two days! For those who haven't stopped by in a few days will definitely have plenty to look over this weekend. Make sure to check out this post for a little mix and match inspiration!

Even though it's Friday the 13th, we're still having a Friday's Photo. (I was born on the 13th, so I'm not superstitious about this day or the number 13.)

I'm an avid Bravo watcher and I really love The Rachel Zoe Project. Rachel, her associate Brad, and her husband Roger are always experiencing some drama and are really fun to watch. You also can't beat the clothes (Chanel, de la Renta, Derek Lam, Valli!) and designers featured during the season.

Douglas Friedman/Bravo

I love sneaking a peek into Rachel's fantastical world of celebrities and high fashion!

I was also pretty excited to see Rachel in Harper's Bazaar in a shoot named after her signature saying, I die!" It's a little kitch, but I like the idea.

Douglas Friedman

I hope your Friday the 13th is nothing but lovely!


6 Beauty Essentials

I thought of this "6 list" topic weeks ago. It seemed like a really easy list to compile. Until, that is, I attempted to do it.

I've never really considered myself a cosmetics fanatic. I like make-up. I wear it (almost) everyday. I know how to put it on. I thought I only had a few favorite products. It turns out that I have way more than six essential products!

Here's the short version:

1. Lancome skin care: Sensation Totale (discontinued), Aqua Fusion Lotion SPF 15, Creme Radiance Cleanser, and Tonique Clarte

My mom swears by pretty much all Lancome products. When I was twelve she brought me to the Lancome counter to get a skin care regimen going. I have combination skin and was given the products made for my skin type. The original set has since been discontinued and replaced with the set above.

I actually still think about the scents of the old products (they were heavenly) but these are lovely and they work just as well. They've also lasted a really long time, which is a plus because they aren't the cheapest products out there.

2. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion:

My mom has said that this product didn't work on her, but I think she's lying! It's by far the best primer to make eyeshadow stay put without creases all day. I've tried quite a few products for greasy eyelids and creased eyeshadow and this just works!

3. Mac Fluidline in Waveline and Mac brush #208:

I love this eyeliner! It looks just like a liquid liner on, but it's way less tricky. You can smudge it, wing it, and rub it off, if you make a mistake. I use this brush to put in on top and bottom lashes.

I never wear black liner because it's just too harsh on my face, but I love this deep navy color as an alternative to black.

I took a close up of my eye make-up. I do a wing pretty much everyday. Made much simpler by this eyeliner and brush!

4. Gold Revlon eyelash curler:

I know that some women find eyelash curlers to be pretty scary. Once you get over putting a curler so close to your eyes, it can make your eyelashes look gorgeous and miles long! Who doesn't want that?

Mine has a spring and I'm pretty sure it is trying to imitate the Shu Uemura 24 karat gold plated eyelash curler. However, it's about $14 less and works great. Definitely a great drugstore item!

5. Mac Powder Blush in Joyous

I confess, I have about 20 blushes. I love blush! In every color, every texture, from every brand! I love it all!

A little stack of blushes...
But in my forays with blushes, this has been the only one to hold my attention (other than a beautiful pink discontinued by Chanel...). It's the blush where red, coral, pink, and gold meet and combine in perfect harmony. (I might be exaggerating here, but I'm obviously a big fan of this color.) Unfortunately, it doesn't photograph that well, but take my word for it!

Funny enough, I also have a thing for mascara, but that could be a whole different post!

6. Lipgloss- Chanel104, Sirop, and Lacome Berry Bold

I cheated! I picked three, but these are my all time favorite lipglosses! Berry Bold and Sirop look great on anyone. I love these light, bright, semi-sheer pinks!

These are my must haves, but what are some of yours?

Have a good one!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spots and Stripes

I am never wearing these shoes the same way again! This is why:

Loving printed socks with two tone shoes! I'm so glad I bought these socks from this post!