Thursday, August 19, 2010

6 Trends I (Probably) Won't Wear this Fall

It seems like a long time since we all outlined the trends from Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion week. It's pretty clear the trends that most people are loving and some that they won't be sporting come Fall.

Nearly every 6 list I've done so far has been "great" things, "best" buys, "favorite" this or that, so I thought it might be time to change gears. How about trends I'm not excited to see and wear? Or my least favorite fall trends?

Here are "6 Trends I (Probably) Won't Wear This Fall":
*I have to have add the probably in there because we all change our minds on some things...

1. Kitten Heels:

 Missoni heels.

Kitten heels are okay. They look fine (aside from making ankles and legs look a bit fuller than tall heels would). That's sort of the reason that I'm not crazy about them. It's because they are JUST okay.

Marni F/W 2010. Photo via
I've seen cute kitten heels and they are pretty practical. But if I'm buying shoes, I want to be excited. I'm not interested in practical, if the shoe isn't spectacular! They need to be must-haves! They have to thrill me! Kitten heels are just not thrilling.

I'd rather spend money on heels that make my legs look lithe and my frame a little taller!

 Prada F/W 2010. Photo via

There's even a story to this effect in the September issue of Bazaar!

2. Skinny Cargos:

J Brand “Houlihan” Cargo Skinny Pant

This is where the "probably" part of this list comes in. I don't care for the look of skinny cargos. The pockets seem to add volume on a part of the leg that need not be voluminous. At the same time, if I see these styled in a really fun, interesting way (I haven't, yet), I could change my tune.

3. Return to Boho:

I didn't get on the bohemian bandwagon when Sienna Miller (and the Olsen Twins) basically started it in 2005.

It just never appealed to me the way the more ladylike look has. Of course, trends are cyclical, so boho has been on its way back for some time.

 Ralph Laure F/W 2010. Photo via

I'm surprised that boho's first signs of return in years were accompanied a season largely focused on proper 1950s styles. As for going boho? I'll be sticking to my guns... and my full skirts!

4. Ankle Length Skirts:

 Louis Vuitton F/W 2010. Photo via

As I've just said, I really love anything fifties style, but the authentic 1950s lengths shown on the Louis Vuitton runway don't suit me well at all. I'm relatively petite and honestly even heels don't help much by way of long skirts. I've seen girls look fab in ankle length full skirts, but they just aren't for me!

Prada F/W 2010. Photo via
5. Shearling:

 Gap F/W 2010. Photo via

Shearling looks warm. It looks comfy. It's a seventies era style staple. It's even got a casual look about it.
 Rag and Bone F/W 2010. Photo via

It also reminds me of fleece and I'm not into fleece. Nor am I into shearling.

As for faux fur this fall, I'm looking for a faux fur vest and a faux fur leopard scarf.

6. Clogs:

Miu Miu clogs.

This is pretty controversial, but I am not a fan of clogs. Nope. Not at all. They're clunky, chunky, and not my style. Even the Miu Miu's above aren't making me swoon.

 Celine clogs.

I've even seen them styled well and boy are some girls are really rocking the clogs! I guess some trends aren't for everyone.

Do tell me readers, what trends aren't working for you this Fall/Winter?



  1. Noooo to kitten heels! Should either be HEELS or FLATS. Not this inbetween nonsense. I really feel uncomfortable walking in kitten heels, I had to get rid of the pair that I once owned.

  2. Totally agree with you! I felt like designers were grappling at straws since the shoes had already reached their highest heights. Disappointing!

  3. I feel you on all of these - especially clogs. Hate 'em! Give me a chic cigarette pant over cargos any day. The only one I'd add to this is that whole 'thick woolly jumper/skinny belt' look - if it makes the models look bulky, what's it going to do for us mere mortals?!

    Thanks for visiting my blog too - appreciate it!

  4. couldn't agree more, especially for the clogs and the cargo pants hihihi

  5. I'm loving the skinny cargos, but you're right, I probably won't be wearing them either. I would love a pair of skinny olive green khakis - but the cargo pocket probably wouldn't be the most flattering on any girl above a size 4.

    xx Rhitbee-isms

  6. KITTEN HEELS are back???? yuck!

  7. I agree on all counts - except I have to admit that a touch of boho tends to enter my outfits, especially in summer. But it;'s more an influence than a full-blown shapeless-dresses-and-let-me-braid-your-hair thing.

    I think we all take bits and piece of different things and mix them to get our own style. Mine is a mix between rocker chic and urban ladylike, with a hint of boho :-)

  8. I'm so glad everyone agrees!

    Mer- Yes! Terrible, isn't it?!

    Elisa- I know what you mean. I never go all out 50s/60s style, either. That just looks outdated! All over boho does, too. But most things are good in moderation, right? :)


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