Thursday, August 26, 2010

6 of My Favorite Looks from Pushing Daisies

Last week I popped one of my favorite series into my DVD player and sat down to enjoy Pushing Daisies. I so miss this show!

Photo credit: ABC 

I first read about it in the entertainment section of a newspaper at my grandparent's house (oddly I started watching Grey's Anatomy for the same reason). I remember the article well. It described a quirky, odd, whimsical show, about a pie making private investigator who could bring the dead back to life. Sounds weird, right? I thought so, too. I had to watch it just to investigate. Especially after the article mentioning murder victim's lives being counted up to minute they died (like Harold Hundin, a murdered polygamist, who was 37 years, 11 weeks, 5 days, 1 hour, and 2 minutes old when one of his four wives killed him.).

Photo credit: ABC

 I watched the pilot, which was cutely titled the "Pie-let" episode, and have loved the show ever since. The main plot other than the PI thing is the love story revealed in the first episode. Ned the pie maker can bring the dead to life with one touch of his finger. When he discovers his childhood sweetheart, Chuck, is dead he doesn't hesitate to revive her. The catch is that a second touch from Ned would kill Chuck forever.

So begins an epic romance and fairytale story where the two lovers can never touch. Sounds good, right? Ned and Chuck keep the romance alive by kissing through plastic wrap and, in a particularity fantastical scene, they slow dance in beekeepers suits. I'm a sucker for this stuff! I'll spare you further details about this truly splendid love story/murder-mystery series.

My point of this post is (you knew there was a point, right?) that Chuck has very impeccable style. Costume designer Robert Blackman gave Chuck a very retro look. Her style seems to date from the  forties in the early episodes to the seventies toward the end of the first season. It's one of the most stylish shows I've ever seen. I also love how the colors of the scenes and Chuck's clothes are really saturated and bright.

I digress (can you tell how much I love this show?). Here are 6 of My Favorite Looks from Pushing Daisies:

1. Incognito Dress and Hat

From the episode Fun in Funeral.

Isn't this a fantastic outfit? I love the big hat, matching dress, and sunglasses. I believe the shoes are in the same fabric, too!

2. Four Wives and a Funeral Dress

From the episode Bitches.

This dress was worn with a matching coat that was a little longer than the shift dress. Chuck wore this very cheery ensemble to a funeral.

3. Buzzzzzz Yellow Dress

ABC Promotional shot

This was a promotional shot for the show, but definitely something that Chuck would have worn onscreen for a murder investigation or a day working at The Pie Hole with Ned.

4.  'Urban Honey Pioneer' Dress

From the episode Pigeon.

Ned gives Chuck her very own hives of bees to raise. Chuck wears a very pretty, full peach dress with white ballet flats and a prim cardigan sweater.

5. 'Down to My Silky Intimates'

From the episode Bzzzzz

This was the first outfit from the second season. Chuck's hives of bees were killed by pesticides, so she pours them on a nearly naked Ned to bring them back... Cute romper lingerie!

6. The Red Promo Dress

ABC promotional shot

Here she's matchy matchy in a much favored red color.

It took me about a week to finish this post. The research was a pleasure! I used the Pushing Daisies Wiki, which is very fun, and Imdb, of course!

Does anyone else love this show? What are some of your TV/ Movie style inspirations?


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  1. Love love love this show:) and the looks that you've picked are so awesome:)
    Lots of hugs


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