Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jazz it Up

I know the title may remind you of that jambalaya rice, but that wasn't my intention. Neither was bringing about memories of my newspaper teacher insisting we "jazz up" headlines for our school's paper. It was, however, meant to refer to a jazz concert I went to a week or so ago.

I'm still undecided whether jazz is really cool or too abstract for me to understand.

Nonetheless, I knew one of the band boys from high school. He graduated from NYU and the band was sort of a rock-jazz hybrid, so I thought I'd dress a little downtown for the occasion.

Of course, I was way too dressed up! I don't consider this outfit dressy at all, but all my friends at home are really casual. I thought the denim shirt would tone it down, but the skirt and shoes counteracted it's effect!

I'm wearing a denim Max Azria/Miley Cyrus shirt, a Gap v-neck tee, a black patent belt from an old dress, an F21 skirt, and leopard pumps from Urban.

I can't take a picture outside without these ladies getting involved!

Have a great Tuesday!

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