Friday, August 13, 2010

6 Beauty Essentials

I thought of this "6 list" topic weeks ago. It seemed like a really easy list to compile. Until, that is, I attempted to do it.

I've never really considered myself a cosmetics fanatic. I like make-up. I wear it (almost) everyday. I know how to put it on. I thought I only had a few favorite products. It turns out that I have way more than six essential products!

Here's the short version:

1. Lancome skin care: Sensation Totale (discontinued), Aqua Fusion Lotion SPF 15, Creme Radiance Cleanser, and Tonique Clarte

My mom swears by pretty much all Lancome products. When I was twelve she brought me to the Lancome counter to get a skin care regimen going. I have combination skin and was given the products made for my skin type. The original set has since been discontinued and replaced with the set above.

I actually still think about the scents of the old products (they were heavenly) but these are lovely and they work just as well. They've also lasted a really long time, which is a plus because they aren't the cheapest products out there.

2. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion:

My mom has said that this product didn't work on her, but I think she's lying! It's by far the best primer to make eyeshadow stay put without creases all day. I've tried quite a few products for greasy eyelids and creased eyeshadow and this just works!

3. Mac Fluidline in Waveline and Mac brush #208:

I love this eyeliner! It looks just like a liquid liner on, but it's way less tricky. You can smudge it, wing it, and rub it off, if you make a mistake. I use this brush to put in on top and bottom lashes.

I never wear black liner because it's just too harsh on my face, but I love this deep navy color as an alternative to black.

I took a close up of my eye make-up. I do a wing pretty much everyday. Made much simpler by this eyeliner and brush!

4. Gold Revlon eyelash curler:

I know that some women find eyelash curlers to be pretty scary. Once you get over putting a curler so close to your eyes, it can make your eyelashes look gorgeous and miles long! Who doesn't want that?

Mine has a spring and I'm pretty sure it is trying to imitate the Shu Uemura 24 karat gold plated eyelash curler. However, it's about $14 less and works great. Definitely a great drugstore item!

5. Mac Powder Blush in Joyous

I confess, I have about 20 blushes. I love blush! In every color, every texture, from every brand! I love it all!

A little stack of blushes...
But in my forays with blushes, this has been the only one to hold my attention (other than a beautiful pink discontinued by Chanel...). It's the blush where red, coral, pink, and gold meet and combine in perfect harmony. (I might be exaggerating here, but I'm obviously a big fan of this color.) Unfortunately, it doesn't photograph that well, but take my word for it!

Funny enough, I also have a thing for mascara, but that could be a whole different post!

6. Lipgloss- Chanel104, Sirop, and Lacome Berry Bold

I cheated! I picked three, but these are my all time favorite lipglosses! Berry Bold and Sirop look great on anyone. I love these light, bright, semi-sheer pinks!

These are my must haves, but what are some of yours?

Have a good one!


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  1. I have heard really good thing about the Urban Decay primer! I will have to try it soon.


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