Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Simple

It's been an extremely hot summer. Say what you will about global warming, but I've always thought that it is WAY too hot here in NM. I won't banter on about climate change on my style blog. The only time I even ponder it is when it rains here, then I start to worry.

Everyone, including myself, is pretty excited for fall to come around. Unfortunately, fall in NYC is a little different. It's so rainy. As a native southwesterner, I hate rain. However, rain = rainboots and I do like rainboots! I have tons of outfits planned for my yellow wellies!

For now, I'm still trying to beat the heat in wedges and dresses. Like this outfit:

Dress: Target, Shoes: gift. Yup, my summer outfits are as simple as that. Two easy pieces. So simple.

I'll certainly be excited to get back to layering and creating interesting outfits for classes and internships, but I have a feeling that I'll start missing the NM dry heat and warm weather pretty quickly. Especially when it rains for days... and later when winter rolls around again!

I'm wondering, are you excited for fall and what will you miss about the summer?

Happy Monday readers!


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