Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jil Sander Oscar Night

I’ve been really lucky to be exposed to designers in the industry that I haven’t directed much attention to in the past. For the past year, I have been focusing on the US and UK markets. Admittedly, I have formed quite a fondness by working with them. Watching UK designers like Chris Kane, JW Anderson, Acne, and Marios Schwab blow up has been really cool. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say that most of my favorite designers are young Americans like Derek Lam, Jason Wu, Thakoon, Altuzarra, and Cushnie!

Now I’m falling for long established players in the French and Italian markets, which I'm currently working with on daily basis.

My point is that this morning I took a look at the Jil Sander Fall 2012 show, which will serve as Raf Simons last contribution as creative director to the brand (interestingly, Jill Sander will return to the brand as creative director). What a shame Raf is leaving because the show was wonderful!

I’m a sucker for pink and classic shapes, but the show was modern, retro, and new all at once. Pinks and reds ruled Raf’s runway, but classic navy and black also made appearances.

 Look 9

My favorite looks include a pale pink gown that hits subtly at the ankle, a white and pink jacket clutched demurely at the model’s chest, a navy gown, and the perfect silver Oscar dress worn with a cocoon style coat. I would wear the entire look on the red carpet, if I was attending! Someone should!

 Look 1

 Look 20

 Look 28


Friday, January 13, 2012

Downton Abbey Style

I'm currently obsessing (as is everyone else in the world!) about PBS's hit show Downton Abbey. I saw the show snag a few Emmy's at last year's ceremony and then caught the show on Netflix. I finished in about a week. Then I even cheated and watched the whole second season in a weekend over the Christmas holiday.

Of course, the fashion world and the TV world frequently collided. We saw quite a few collections devoted to Gatsby style wears. Though Downton is set in the mid-1910s through the early 1920s, there are some clear nods to the Spring runway in the show's costumes.

 A cast photo in which the girl's outfits mirror these looks from Calvin Klien:

 Look 21

Look 18

 The scene stealer: Lady Mary Crawley in a garden party outfit...

Would be a perfect match for Calvin Klein look 29.

 A ladylike cloche-style hat and floaty dress look great in the early 20th century...

As well as modern day on Ralph Lauren look 21.

 A beaded number for a formal dinner

 a red carpet event (Ralph Lauren look 50)

or to get some drinks. (Marc Jacobs look 35)

 An image of the three Crawley sisters who would look chic and modern in...

This Marchesa look 23.


Friday, January 6, 2012

In Chic Company

Happy New Year everyone!  2011 was a very busy year for me in my school and interning life. I also stopped blogging for half of the year because of my busy life! I had no idea how long it had been until recently!

I don't know how often I'll be blogging in 2012, but I miss it and I'd like to keep it up.

To the point: I found these famous friends photos a while back and I unearthed some famous fashion eye candy!

Here's Audrey Hepburn and chic costumer Edith Head.

Above are Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld and Vogue editor Grace Coddington. I would love to hear the conversation happening above.

*Above are the Princes of England William (left) and Harry (middle-right) and the princes of rap music and clothing designers Kanye West (between Harry and William) and Sean "Diddy" Combs (far right).

*I know you know who these guys are, but must be thorough!

Hope everyone had a great week!