Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday's Photo 3

Happy Friday! And here's your third dose of Friday's Photo.

I have an old copy of Vanity Fair lying around and every time I walk by it I see Grace Kelly's face staring back at me. I actually bought the issue just for the pictures of Princess Grace. I first saw her in the film High Society and I've been fascinated by her ever since. That's why this is my pick for Friday's Photo...

I did a few outfit shoots today featuring one of the dresses I made! I'm very excited to show you all!

Also I didn't do a list of six this week, but I'll get back to that next week. I just had so many ideas and I couldn't get any one of them all the way to fruition. So next Wednesday look forward to a list of six things purchased under $6. A toughie!

I'd also like to thank Laura from Buckle, Button, Zip for featuring my "6 Great Reads" post and my site on her blog!

It came at a great time. I think every blogger occasionally gets discouraged and wonders what blogging brings to the table. But a nice email, like Laura's, comes along or some lovely readers comment and it makes sense! Fashion blogging creates a community for people who love fashion and style and gives all of us a forum to be creative and show our style. There's no better reason to blog than that!

Thanks to Laura, my readers, and anyone who has commented!



  1. Grace Kelly is clearly a style icon. Love that photo.

  2. She's so beautiful. I loved her in Rear Window.


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