Monday, July 19, 2010

New Year, New Shades

Glasses.egg  on Aviary

I'll admit that I am pretty excited a new trend in sunglasses finally came along. Sure, we all flirted with aviators and other styles last year, but the frame with staying power was, of course, the Ray Ban Wayfarer.

I actually tribute the entire trend to none other than Sienna Miller in (I think...) 2008:

 I remember seeing press photos of her and immediately loging on to  the Forever 21 website to buy a pair of red imitation Wayfarers. The next few weeks every fashionable celeb and some people I knew had them. The red ones. So being the crafty thing that I am, I got some in a bone color.

The trend was non-ceasing. Even Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson wore them in the movie.

2008 AND 2009 came and went. Ray Bans abounded. And then I saw these...

...on the Prada F/W 2010 runways and I knew change was coming! Enter the Cateye!

I'm sure the Ray Ban trend hasn't seen its final days, but I was more than excited to see such a cool, glamorous, Mad Men-esque  trend come about. Now the cateye is something I can get excited about!

What do you think? Still rocking the Ray Bans or are you looking to update your eyewear with some cateyes? Perhaps another style?

Happy Monday!


PS. My glasses are both from F21. Why? They're cheap and after sitting on and squashing some truly gorgeous Marc Jacobs sunglasses I have sworn off expensive sunglasses until I can afford several back-ups (aka a long time).


  1. I love sunnies but I also don't want to spend a ton a cash only to lose or sit on them. I have sunnies from Forever 21 too and they're great! For $6, there's no guilt if I ever lose them. :)

    ♥ Teresa ♥


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