Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Shoes

I wanted to share my new shoes!

I got two  new pairs as gifts for Christmas and two more on a post NYE sale. I was very relieved and excited to acquire these shoes because every pair has been on my radar and on my mind for quite some time. So nice to cross things off of your wish-list!

The two on the right are both from Urban Outfitters. The wedges, which were on an insane sale, are more summer-appropriate, but I'm hoping socks will make them work for now. If you read SD, you might have seen me post about these the wing-tip pumps a few times. Finally, they belong to me!

The two on the left are my new acquires on a 50% off red tag sale. Jessica Simpson bow, zipper flats and Vince Camuto bootie wedges. Love, love, love these. I was trying to be modest and not spend a ton of money, but the deals were too good to resist!

Our favorite department store gets pretty busy during sales, but this year it was total madness. It was a little annoying, but I was really happy to see people out spending money. There were women buying five boxes of shoes! Surely, a good sign for the economy, if not just for our local economy.

I remember when the recession was in full, terrible swing. My sister, mom, and I were very fortunate to have a little spending money and were able to score some incredible deals on clothing and shoes. I acquired some great stuff, but I'm glad it isn't quite as bad and that things are starting to improve for people. I hope that's more of what 2011 will bring!


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