Friday, January 14, 2011

Faux to Go

My love for Ebay is sort of an on/off thing. Sometimes I totally ignore it, sometimes I am obsessed, and sometimes we're together, but just casually.

But lately things have been on. Very on. Because I have been in hot pursuit of a faux fur scarf and, more recently, a vintage mink collar to attach to sweaters and coats. I've got the goods and I'm patiently waiting for them in the mail. My luck has lead me to wonder, how often to you find exactly what you want on ebay?! (Okay, I confess, I lose auctions all the time! I forget that I've placed a bid on something and log on later to find out that I've lost. I don't get what I want pretty often. So you might win auctions, but I feel lucky whenever I win one.)

 Photo credit: ebay seller

I was whining about wanting a leopard fur scarf back in July and can't wait to style it up now that winter is still in full force.

Could it be that I'm changing my tune?! Let it snow! ...But not too much!


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