Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guess Who I Met...

...If you guessed Teen Vogue Editor-In-Chief Amy Astley, you're absolutely right!

I went to panel held at The City College of New York in Harlem to hear a panel talk about fashion careers and fashion in the media. I traveled quite a bit to get there, too. M100 bus for blocks and blocks!

Here's the City College, isn't it pretty?

There was a lot of coverage about blogs and Twitter, how the fashion print industry is changing, brands, and, of course, how to get into the industry.

Amy was so kind and intelligent. She really gave thoughtful opinions on a variety of topics and good advice. She was genuinely a pleasure to listen to!

The panel included: Marie Griffin- President/Owner, Griffin Marketing & PR, Amy Astley- Editor-in-Chief, Teen Vogue, Andy Hilfiger- Owner/President, Andy Hilfiger Entertainment; Co-Founder, Star Branding, Britt Aboutaleb- Editor, Fashionista

I bought this handy book at the seminar.

And Amy signed it for me!

I was most excited that I got to speak to Amy and she gave me some advice. I told her (nervously, mind you) about my goals to be a market editor. She gave me simple advice, "You need to get an internship. Just email people off of the masthead." She even suggested/unofficially gave me permission to email, the woman who has my dream job, Meredith Melling Burke.

For any other budding fashionistas: Amy mentioned that having a blog is not only an asset to help hone your writing skills, but it also can be used in a resume. Another thing, Amy said she (or her assistant) always gives a response to anyone who emails her. If you are serious about a career in fashion and you personally have a question for Amy, I think you shouldn't hesitate to contact her or someone from her team.

Thanks to Amy for making my day! Have a good one!


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