Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Must be Dreaming

I went to Boston for Easter weekend and spotted this pair of metallic brogue Louboutin 
shoes that were to die for! I, of course, had to pass them buy, but I got to thinking what I would wear them with and what I could do with an unlimited budget. So I created my dream Easter outfit. I won't be wearing this ensemble anytime soon, but it really inspired me to get creative with my budget.
Clockwise: 3.1 Philip Lim vest, Christian Louboutin flats, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Commes des Garcons jacket, Fenton necklace, See by Chloe shorts.

It seems like an unattainable dream to be able to afford any of the above. How amazing is it that some bloggers have the means to do so? I think it's really hard to create a successful and high fashion blog without the capability of purchasing designer duds. I mean, aren't many of the very successful blogs full of Givenchy shoes and trips to Barney's? 

What do you think?

While I find it sometimes frustrating to be stuck in Marc by Marc Jacobs and Steve Madden, instead of Prada and Christian Louboutin, it's also a challenge with every purchase, every thrifting trip, every outfit to be more creative with my style.

Besides, I think it would be way to easy to walk into a store and buy this whole outfit. Doesn't the thrill of the hunt go away if everything is at your fingertips? Let's go with yes, in the hopes that every blogger on a budget will one day have one of our dream pieces to blog about.


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