Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Begining

I'm Emily from New Mexico
Have you heard of it? Know where it is?
No?It's okay. Most people don't.

Haven't really decided whether this is a diary or a fashion-y, interest related blog. Maybe it's both.

I attend school in NY. There are so many unique activities and opportunities there that it seemed like a bit of a waste not to keep some sort of log of them. I've wanted to move to NYC my whole life and being there seems surreal, even now. Isn't it weird when dreams come to fruition?
One thing that I will always want to remember is how my style has and will evolve. I mean seven years ago I was sporting a long denim skirt and Jansport back pack. Ten years ago my staple was a little baby blue cardigan. Now? We'll get to that.
I'm kind of undergoing a huge transition. From prep school in my (relatively) small town to college in NYC. I've been trying to get into vintage (specifically reasonably priced designer vintage) and doing the high-low dressing thing. I'm turning out some interesting outfits lately.
My favorite mother-daughter blog inspired me, but their financial resources are beyond me. Wouldn't it be nice to have unlimited funds? Wouldn't we all look fabulous if we had enough money? A pity.
I think as I continue to progress my style it might actually be important to visit some of my favorite pieces from THE PAST. Naturally, I am a pack-rat so I save these things. Ha!
More to come...

(Below): My New Years Eve outfit, a Photobooth picture. (I am not ashamed to use Photobooth, unfortunately.) Very cool Rodarte for Target lace cardigan/ dark grey long sleeve shirt under/ gold leopard headband.
Got dinner with my friends and then skipped a party to watch Kathy Griffin specials all night... Worth it.
Photo 9

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