Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thrifting in Brooklyn

It's been a few weekends now, but I wanted to share my finds from a vintage shopping trip in Brooklyn. A friend and I decided to go to Park Slope, Brooklyn. We got really lost (since we had never been out to Brooklyn before) but we found our stores, which were all within ten minutes of each other.  I wore heels and thought I was going to die when we got to the first store, but I was quickly distracted from my foot pain by some very stylish vintage clothing!

The (painful) shoes I wore for the outing.

The bags of goodies I came home with!

First stop? Hooti Couture. Owner Alison is just a riot and her prices are right. The shop is pretty compact, but full of great things (especially the jewelry). I found a vintage YSL bag for $50, but sadly left it behind, and my friend got a sequined and beaded bolero from the 80s in great condition for just over $30. 

Check out Alison's website for more info.: Hooti Couture 

Next, we headed a few blocks over to Odd Twin. I really loved this place. The clothes are marked by their decade, the prices are reasonable, and there's a lot to choose from. Belts, jewelry, and scarves were plentiful, but there weren't many bags to choose from. 

I got a wish answered! I had been looking for a black blazer, but what I found at Odd Twin was more than I had hoped for and for just $24. The blazer has tuxedo type cut, is velvet, and has pearl buttons.  Heaven! 

A button was loose and a inch of lining needed to be re-sewn. Simple quick fixes and it fit perfectly!

The jacket on me.

Buttons on the jacket sleeve.

My second find of the day: a high-waisted, kilt style, circle skirt. It hit just above the knee. Perfect for my "petite" (let's use a nice word for short) frame. I got this for $24.

Click for more information on 

Front view of the skirt.

The skirt's pleats from behind.

The last stop of the day was Yona Lee Vintage. It was a little pricier than Odd Twin. It was a well edited store, had a great selection of coats, and a 25% off sale!

You can find Yona Lee Vintage at: 
186 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

I found a great menswear style vest. (I wanted a real men's vest, but sadly I am petite and they made me look really childish). It's a rose color and is made of thick wool. An exciting find, for sure, at $20!

Back view of the vest.

The last purchase of the day was this scarf. My friend pulled it out of a box full of scarfs and I remarked on how cute it was. She let try me it out and I'll admit that it looked a little outlandish on first glance. Gray and black sheer leopard print with gold thread running through it? Yeah, no! But once I put it on and found out its price ($10) I was sold! 

Expect a review of how I wore these soon. My goal is to style and photograph the pieces I bought in Brooklyn while I'm here at home. If you get a chance to go shopping in Park Slope, you definitely should! It was a great day and I definitely found some lovely vintage pieces!



  1. Nice post! I love that scarf!

  2. awesome! i really love the vest <3

  3. Love the scarf & only $10! What a steal :)

    Anna Katrina


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