Monday, March 22, 2010


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As I write this I am already back in NYC, but I went home last weekend for spring break. It was nice to be home. I am already excited to come back for some sun and summer heat! Think of all the clothes that have been neglected all winter that we'll all be sporting soon! I can't wait.

A shot of the NM Sandia mountains.

The weather when I left NY was crazy, apparently. I heard the words "flood" and "hurricane" more than once from friends in the area! However, I came back to some delightfully warm weather in NM! (NYC wasn't far behind with great weather, though.) 

I decided, while I was home, that it was time to put my vintage finds to work. This is what I came up with. Click for a much larger image.

For lunch and a day out with friend's from home:
Gap sweater and v-neck t-shirt, vintage skirt, lion belt from Ebay, and shoes by Pink.

I wore this to run some errands around town. My dogs decided to join me for this shoot. They got in the way, but they kept me laughing. They're too cute!

Back to what I'm wearing here: vintage leopard scarf, trapeze top from the Gap, navy cashmere sweater from Gap, skirt (P.S. I love this skirt! I wear it obsessively.) from a shop in Durango, Colorado, and red flats from Urban Outfitters.

Not sure what I did this day, but I remember that it was chilly! Quite bipolar looks on my face. Smiles and a frown (it's hard to get a good shot!).

Vintage vest, shirt from Target, BCBG jeans, and Seychells shoes (which, can I just say, have had a weird smell from their gold finish since the day I bought them. Odd, right?).

I wore this to my aunt's wedding last Saturday. I was also listening to the Wicked soundtrack, which made this shoot really fun and very sucessful! (Seven good shots is a miracle for me!) If you blog and you haven't done this, you need to try shooting to some music!
Wearing: 80's vintage black blazer, BCBGeneration dress, Mati pearls that I received as a graduation gift, a bow clip in my hair, and shoes from the Sigerson Morrison for Target line. 

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  1. what a cute blog! i must say i really dig your lion belt. that is probably one of the most amazing things i've ever seen! <3


  2. OOooh! and i forgot to mention that your comment made my day! I laughed so hard. purse trees, wouldn't that be great

  3. wow love this post! just like every other! LOVE your blog s much! such an inspiration. bookmarking you now!
    hope you can stop by mine sometime!


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