Saturday, March 6, 2010

Through Rain, Sleet, or Snow

Last Thursday I was off and on my way to Madison Square Garden for a John Mayer concert. I'd been looking forward to it since November, so it was very exciting. The snow started falling, and truly it was some of the worst weather to travel in. Especially when your form of transportation is predominately your own two feet. My umbrella turned inside out, I had to wear my snow boots, and I couldn't fathom wearing something cute out. The concert made it all worth it, though. However, trying to get back to school after it started blizzarding was a whole different story.

The snow falling on my way back.

John singing away. He makes the best faces.

I bought a t-shirt at the show and this is how I wore it a few days after...

My I "heartbreak" NY shirt (named for his song "Heartbreak Warfare") a black Richard Chai for Target skirt, black tights.

This very heavy metal belt purchased at Urban Outfitters.

My Steve Madden Girl shoes. Very grown-up for a girl's shoe!

I love how even the most mundane, boring items of clothing (like a t-shirt) can be brought to life with some clever styling. It's a fun task and can inspire some great outfits. 


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