Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ideas? And Chanel

I'm in the middle of compiling my picks from the Paris shows and another post from a thrifting trip I took this weekend. I'm also going home this week, but I'm trying to think of how to jazz up the blog with a new header. I'm just not sure how do it: a drawing, a graphic, etc... Throw any ideas you have at me.

Meanwhile, I was looking at Chanel last night and I started laughing. Chanel isn't usually funny,  but how great was it to see models dressed like Yettis in fur pants, jackets, and bags? Definitely a needed breath of fresh air after a few very serious seasons...

Impeccably well cut fur pants. I wonder how these would feel on...

More great boots seen here with a fur skirt suit.

Fur added to the classic Chanel suit.

A ruffly confection with those boots!

I really like how the shoe part of this boot has a glacy, icy feel to it.

Ice-like, lucite heel.

A fur bag never looked so good.

Only Karl could make arctic weather exciting. For now, though, I am waiting for spring!

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  1. A Photoshop graphic, saved as a jpeg, should work fine.

    Cute post! : )


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