Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter Wonderland

It snowed two nights ago, which was nice and all, but what I like about the snow is all about the wardrobe.

These boots have been a very stylish distraction for me all week. Can't wait to bust them out a few more times. And they are so warm!
Paired with my Jcrew cashmere hat and a Burberry look-a-like coat, that I got on sale while I was home.

That's my roommate's side of the room. Kind of messy!

Not a great close-up of this scarf that I am totally obsessed with. It's got precious stones and gold links all over. It has an eighties gauche vibe, but it also looks sort of classic, too.

The snow is okay. I am enjoying the challenge of dressing for the cold weather. Sometimes it's just a drag though!  These photos make wintery dressing look exciting again:

Google Images. Feb. Vogue 2006

What a nice coat. Classic sixties style. I'm on the lookout for cocoon/swing coat!

Oct. Vogue 2008
Oh fur, so controversial, yet so appealing.

This is my preferred version of a snow shoe.

This Herrera coat was made especially for Amy Adams' press events during her promotion of Leap Year (yes, she's pregnant)... It's just a fantastic piece. Love those colors together.

All other photos courtesy of Google Images

I loved this show! Chuck's wardrobe was one of the best things about it (other than all the sets and cinematography!). It gave me the idea of wearing turtlenecks under dresses for winter. A brilliant idea in NYC.

Hope the winter blues aren't getting you down!

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