Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blue Suede Shoes

Okay, I'll confess: my kicks are not suede. They are leather AND they are bright blue. It's funny when you get a new item of clothing or shoes and the next outfit you wear simply must revolve around the new piece. Such is the case with these little pumps.

I don't own many electric blue tops, but I'm not always extremely concerned with matching, either. So my thought was to wear this teal top with the bright shoes. They certainly don't match, but I think they go together.

I got a lot of stares at the shoes. I hope it wasn't because they're a little quirky! I think it was mostly because the shoes are pretty bright against dark tights.

(Also, on a side note: I read in a magazine once that men do not notice if women wear heels or flats. I have tested this over many days and I find it to be most untrue! Half the people who check out my heels are usually men! How funny is that?! I wonder if this is true for most women... I bet it is!)

I digress! Have a safe and lovely Thanksgiving! I'll definitely post a few more times soon... We need to catch up!


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  1. I read the same thing, but I don't believe it either. My thought on the matter? If men don't notice your heels, it means they're not high enough! :) And I never have trouble with that.


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