Thursday, October 28, 2010

Playing Dress Up

I feel like I dress up for Halloween everyday. I always have a theme in mind and usually some character reference. Costumes? Who needs them.

Here's my dress up repertoire:

Mimi from Rent:

My outfit inspiration was from Mimi in this pic and this post. Outfit inspiration only because I do not, repeat do not, want to be a stripper or look like one.

If I were to tackle this one on October 31st, I would rip the tights and add a leopard coat. Some smeary eye make-up wouldn't hurt, either.

School girl or Rachel Berry from GLEE:

A plaid skirt could give you a myriad of options. Bonus is that you can go as sexy or as demure as you like.

Michael Jackson:

A Mad Men character:

 In my case, I'd probably go for Trudy or Peggy. If you're redheaded or blonde, Joan and Betty are the obvious choices.

An executive:

 This one is too easy!

A cowgirl:

Add a hat and you're all set.

I bet if you think back, you play dress-up everyday, too. Add an accessory and even a Halloween-hater like me could have a stylish costume.



  1. waaa really love the combination of the tartan skirt and the mustard sweater! :)
    you are really gorgeous! and i love the shoes - really matched with your cardigan! :)

    I Wear Plain Clothes and I Love It

  2. I LOVE the Rachel Berry look! So fun with the yellow rain boots :-)

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