Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday's Photo 11


I know that the internet was all abuzz with the Glee cast in GQ Magazine photos. I understand that it's a big deal for parents who have kids that watch the show. I have to say, though, Glee is really, really inappropriate and dark for anyone under 12. (I can't say high school age because I watched the even more inappropriate show "The O.C." at age 12...).

I SO wouldn't have understood this show pre-middle school. Also, GQ isn't appropriate for anyone not in high school, so I'm not sure why that's an issue. I mean all around this is content not approproate for children and I don't think it's meant for a young audience. It's prime time (8 PM) on Tuesday (a school night), shouldn't kids be doing HW and getting ready for bed, anyway?

That said, I like the racy photos. They're fun, different and all-in-all they are a very grown-up representation of GLEE. I can't speak for how parents should censor TV for their kids, but I'm loving all things GLEE. Racy, controversial photos included.

And how is this fashion-related, you might wonder? Um. The underwear is cute... and shoes with socks is a big F/W 2010 trend...


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