Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"... you look like a present"

Hello all! Today is a great day because I got to (finally) wear this green dress that I have been saving for precisely the right moment.

What's so special about today that I gave in and wore my dress? It's my 36th 20th birthday!

I feel really old. Twenty is just a whole lot older than 19 in my eyes. I am no longer a teenager! I'm in my twenties! I feel such conflict about this.

Alas, I am what I am. Today I am twenty. And because I am twenty I wanted to wear this very cute lacey, figure skatery dress with a sweet bow belt!

Don't you always feel some obligation to dress up on your birthday? I do. I didn't even make excuses for myself like I usually do when all my friends are in sweatpants  (like normal college students) and I'm dressed up like a weirdo. I went with the "it's my birthday" excuse.

Dress- Target,  Bow Belt- Macy's (one million years ago) Shoes-Payless

In a recent episode of Mad Men (if you follow Mad Men), Rodger commented to Joan that he liked one of her red dresses because the bow on the back made her look like a present. I thought of that today when I picked out my bright pink bow belt. I thought it appropriate. It's my birthday, when else should one attempt to look like a present?

I really must love this dress. I took these detail shots and frankly it looks good from every angle.

Also, it looks vastly different around the waist and on the skirt, than it does on the arm and chest. Skin shows sometimes, then it doesn't. The peek-a-boo effect is really nice. I am so into lace because of this dress!

Anyway, so sorry for the self-indulgent post, but I'm glad I got to document this birthday and this outfit. They've been the best so far!



  1. awwwww me love your green lacey dress as well!
    It looks great paired with your heels, are they in green too? :D love it! By the way, happy birthdaaay! welcome to my 20-s world! And youre not old yet darling! Wait until next year - you'll become twenty-something-years-old hihihi

    Nice belt!

  2. Happy birthday!! Lovely outfit you picked, really adore the bright pink against the olive green of the dress.

  3. Myria- Thanks! They heels are gray and I just posted about them! Love these shoes!

    Elisa- Thank you! I'm still unsure about what to pair with olive green, but bright pink seemed to work really well. I'm definitely going to keep experimenting with olive green!


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