Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Me and my mom have gotten pretty good at picking out patterns and making clothes... (My mom is the expert and I'm just learning. Actually, I'm kind of bad at it...). Our summer project: Dresses.

One is going to be a house dress, something kind of casual and comfortable that I can still wear out for errands and dinner. The other will be a little nicer for going out, to class, etc. Hopefully both will transition well for an NYC fall/winter. I'm going to pick out fabrics later this week, but I wanted to give you all an idea of what I'm going to be doing. I'll continue to update on our progress, as well.

Here are the patterns, if you like doing DIYs or making clothes. They're both Vogue patterns:

We're making the dress in white...

Without the sash it's nice and loose and comfy. I want a comfortable gauzy cotton for this one. It needs to be light and flowy. 

You can purchase this pattern here.

This is a DKNY Vogue pattern. I love the fabric they chose!

I'm hoping to make both pieces in heavier fabrics than the one shown, so they can be worn separately. We'll see how it goes...

You can find this pattern here

I can't wait to pick fabrics. It's the best part of making clothes. It makes the vision come to life! AND I get to choose all the crazy color combos and patterns that I want, which is very exciting!

Does anyone else have any DIY projects in the works? I'd love to see them!



  1. dressmaking is part of mine and my mother's summer plan as well! but i'm in the opposite situation - i already have my fabric, now i need to find patterns (preferably ones that won't exceed the fabric). yours are both lovely.

  2. Thanks! I bet your fabric is great! I hope you'll put up the finished project on your blog. I'd like to see what you come up with!


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