Sunday, June 6, 2010

Best Year EVER...

I went to my high school's 2010 graduation today and I got to feeling pretty nostalgic. I can't believe I was wearing the white dress and picking up my diploma just one year ago!


All of 2009 and the begining of 2010 have been pretty life changing for me! And I've finally gotten a chance to reflect on my year. So much happened: I got into college, had my Senorita Ball, I had prom, I graduated, moved to NYC, learned my way around, and lived on my own.

I wanted to share my life changing year in pictures! It was definitely one of the best years (year and half) of my life...

Here it is 2009-2010:

Me with a friend at our senior Prom 2009. In yellow, as usual. My dress is French Connection, her's is BCBG. The shoes are blue and sparkly (ha!) and my necklace (which you really can't see) is vintage.

My Senorita Ball (a New Mexican version of a Deb ball)... The dress is by Casa Blanca. It was so tight that I couldn't eat much and hated sitting, but I danced the night away, anyway! I felt so beautiful in my dress! The ball was definitely one of the best nights!

My graduation: May 31, 2009
(I used "boob tape" for the first time in my life, so worth it though...)

I'm hamming it up! I love this dress. Very Marilyn Monroe. It's by Dolce Vita. Naturally, we were told to wear white, so I just HAD to add some color. Right? Cue the purple Gianni Bini heels...

A few months later I was off to NYC for school.

Dorm room woes: no space for shoes... Truly, it was a task trying to fit all my shoes into a wardrobe.

I color code my clothes. It makes putting things together a bit easier. This was taken at the beginning of the year. The closet quickly became so stuffed that I couldn't get anything in or out! Those skinny velvet hangers really helped. Try some, if you're having a similar problem!

My desk at school. Must have: pictures and fake flowers... I tried to replicate my desk at home. I think it worked out pretty well.

This was taken back in October... That's my first trench coat by H&M and a dress by Chelsea and Violet.

Autumn in NY! Those t-strap shoes are Report.

Washington Square Monument in one of my favorite parks to walk through.

Outside the 3.1 Philip Lim studio downtown in Soho.

Kids play in the fountain in Washington Square park, others sit and watch, and many students  playing guitar. Great space to be in NYC in the spring time!

How photogenic is NYC?

Another NYC staple: tourists!

I just had to share my fantastic year... I hope you get a chance to get nostalgic and think of your best year, too!



  1. Hey, I love the pic of your dorm room closet. I know exactly how you feel. I had absolutley no space for the rest of my shoes. I had to put them under my bed! ahahah

  2. Haha! It was bad by the end! My big problem is always clothes! My closet got so stuffed that when I'd go through it, I'd find so many things that I didn't know I had! I was able to shop my closet... I go to Fordham University in NYC.

    Thanks for commenting!


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