Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm indecisive. Not really when it comes to clothes. That must be the reason I love fashion so much. I get it. I can make quick decisions because I know what I like. And when I don't have the answers, my mom usually has a pretty reliable opinion.

This time I'm asking my readers: which way looks best?

I'll explain: I picked up this shirt from Walmart (can you believe it?) for $5 (can you believe that?). I'm not calling it "chambray." It's denim. Plain and simple. I paired with an American Eagle tweed skirt, a HandM embellished t-shirt, and Steve Madden booties.

I styled it three ways: with a scarf (it's vintage), on it's own, and tied around my waist. I'm submitting this photo to the Teen Vogue Chictopia contest (for fun!) and I'd like to know which way looks best.

I like all three pretty well, but what do you think?


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  1. it's hard to say! i like all three ways. but i remember loving that scarf you posted a long time ago, so #1 is my pick.


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