Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wallet Relief

Sewing projects aside, I'd like to show off some goodies I just bought!

This Target dress was a little expensive for Target (at just under $30). The dress is actually about four inches longer than this one, but I've already hemmed it. Can't wait to wear this one out! It came in olive green, but since olive/army green (I have such a hard time with that shade of green! I feel like it doesn't look good with anything!) are pretty trendy I went with a more classic khaki.

I finally found the "jeggings" I'd been wanting. These probably won't be worn until fall rolls around, but the fit is great and they are so comfy!

I found this dress on my way up to the register to buy the jeggings. It only came in petite sizes (I just so happen to be on the petite side) and it's not on the store's website, but I am so pleased that I found it! Such a cute wrap dress in a very summery color.

 The jeggings and the dress are from Ann Taylor Loft. They had a sale for 40% off of sale! Some wallet relief--Thank goodness!

I also figured out how to add a search bar to the side panel. I always remember old posts from my favorite blogs and spend hours going through the archives to find them, so I thought I'd make it easier for any readers who care to search SD. Search away!


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