Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day Jitters

Hello, everyone! I hope your long weekend was fun and relaxing!

I've been back at school for just about a week and I've already forgotten what it feels like to be rested and relaxed. I guess that means summer has already worn off!

Like I said, I started school last week and I wanted to share my first day outfits. I decided it would be fun and would also make sense to have two "first day of class" outfits because I have the same set of classes two days each week (ex. Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday classes).

Did I mention I only had two days of classes last week? It was a glorious short week!

Here are the outfits...

Thursday's outfit:

Like my new digs? I do! My new room is pretty spacious and in a good location on campus. I'm in love with my new building and room, if you can't tell from these pictures. I lived in a large triple last year and wanted to pull my hair out in frustration everyday! But that's in the past now, thanks God!

I'm wearing a Jcrew cardigan that my mom got me last week while she was here in NYC, an embellished American Eagle top, a tweed skirt from AE, and Mary Janes by Gianni Bini.

Friday's Outfit:

Sorry for the super cropped pictures! I'm trying to keep my roommate's stuff out of this blog as much as possible. (However, the second picture is meant to be cropped the way it is...)

Do you recognize this dress? My mom and I made it over the summer! Not to disappoint you, but we didn't make the flats from Jcrew or the HandM bag, either. Sorry.

Speaking of the HandM bag, it is my new favorite! I want to take it everywhere! And even though I always lament about how much I prefer khaki over olive green, there isn't a thing I don't love about this bag! Including its color...


Have you gotten a piece that you're in love with for fall, yet, or are you still looking?

Have a good one!



  1. that dress is really cute! what's your major?

  2. I'm a marketing girl in the business school! So far I love it, but I'm just a sophomore!


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