Thursday, September 30, 2010

6 New Things

Hey all!

I was fortunate to get to Brooklyn yesterday to do some thrifting. We went to Beacon's Closet and I really liked it. I'd heard so much about it and was anticipating great things. My finds were beyond great. I'm so excited to share!

We also stopped at Forever 21 and Buffalo Exchange. It was a really great day for shopping and I didn't spend an arm and a leg. (Thank goodness!)

Here are my new things:

1. Oscar de la Renta Scarf from Beacon's Closet

The pattern on this scarf struck me and when I picked it up I knew that I wanted it. Then I saw the de la Renta signature and snagged it! Did I mention it was $10? A little much for a scarf, but it's gorgeous and OdlR! So worth it!

2. F21 Hair Bows

A perfect fusion of my love for leopard and sweetness. Also, really cheap. This purchase was a no brainer.

3. Gap Camel Coat from Buffalo Exchange

I've been planning on buying another winter coat. I have about four, but I get so bored of the same rotation. It's always good to add a new one to the mix. I was anticipating buying one for about $100-200, but this coat found me, instead. It's a size big, but it fit pretty well, the color is on trend, it's a great length, and seems very warm. Also, it was a great deal at $22. 

And it has a hood! It's like the unicorn of coats!

4. By Corpus for Urban Outfitters Skirt from Beacon's Closet

Definitely one of the best things about thrift shopping is when you see something you passed on buying that's now in front of you, in your size, and marked 75% off of the price you would have paid. (One of the worst is seeing something you bought months ago in another store, in your size, marked off 75% of what you paid for it.) The first scenario is exactly the case with this skirt from Urban. Total luck!

I've had the second scenario happen to me, too. Ouch!

5. F21 Necklace

I bought this because I just needed some cute, cheap jewelry. It totally does the trick.

6.  Marc Jacobs sweater from Beacon's Closet

I'm so excited about this buy! It was $21 and it's my first Marc Jacobs piece. (I have a few Marc by Marc Jacobs things, but no Marc Jacobs (period).) And of course it photographed badly!

It's a vibrant red--exactly what my closet needed-- and the bow is bright purple velvet. It has a cute pleat in the back and I love the bow! It was also a size too big and a little lose in the arms, but I could never walk away from such a great find! I can SO work with this sweater.

I'm excited to get some outfits in the works now!

Have a good one!


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