Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FNO or Bust?

How is everyone? School and my social life are kicking my butt right now! It's actually been pretty difficult to get back into the swing of things.

Unfortunately, I don't have all day and night to do outfit photos and write posts, but I get them done when I can. Whether it's outfits at 11:15 AM and posts at 2:30 AM, I do try to get to my blogging.

Speaking of butt kicking. Fashion's Night Out also kicked my butt! I didn't go last year, but I wanted to. I was actually pretty disappointed. But I stepped up and went this year.

The jist of FNO is that many NYC (and other big city) stores stay open late and have special products you can buy. Celebs also go to all the stores, they have special appearances by singers, and some stores have paparazzi platforms and other exciting features.

That's all "in theory." In reality, however, the whole concept is kind of scattered. Some stores are open late and most of us can't really afford to buy anything from those stores. Though, it is fun to look around. Also, if you want to see a celebrity, they're easy to miss. (Mostly because they don't stick around for long.)

I also didn't really know where anything happening was, well, happening. We bumbled around the lower west side for a while and then we decided to go shop. My friends and I brainstormed stores where we could actually afford to buy something. And something (relatively) cheap, to boot.

Enter: Marc Jacobs!


We saw one celebrity (the dad from Gossip Girl) outside of Cynthia Rowley (I think...). I wasn't too excited, but we did get to go to Marc's new bookshop: Book Marc! Freshly stocked with books about, of course, fashion.

Marc by Marc was full of affordable bracelets, key chains, and scarfs. It was also extremely crowded, but my friends and I were all able to score Marc by Marc Jacobs t-shirts. For the exceeding low (and at the same time, kind of high) price of $18.

Here's mine.

I wore it with my yellow cords from Gap, a leopard print scarf, and my leopard print heels from UO.

 FNO was kind of a bust, but I'm loving my t-shirt.

Did anyone else go to FNO? What did you guys think of it?


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  1. The closest FNo to me was Milan - and no so close really, since it's a 5-hour drive... so no FNO for me this year, either :-(

    I really want to go to the London FNO next year! And I really want to check out Book Marc next time I come to NYC!


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