Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Golden Girl

I'm pretty busy lately and I'll be honest that I haven't had much time to take pictures (or put on) cool outfits. Me? I'm busy studying, cramming, and packing for home. But I think every Blogger has those extra pictures or an extra post to use for times like these. So this is mine.

I've wanted to share these for a while. My little collection of vintage gold belts. You've seen one of my lion belts, but here are a few you haven't seen, yet:

My Ferragamo bought on Ebay for a VERY reasonable price. It was almost unreasonable how reasonable the price was...

Little shoes!

Authentic, too!

I wore this outfit in early January. My Richard Chai for Target skirt, old silk Gap blouse, the belt, leggies from Target, and my Gianni Binni yellows MJs.

Leaf belt from Ebay. Unfortunately, the outfit pictures were terrible, so none of those to show!

My lion. I have two others with smaller lion heads that link in the middle, but they're at home...

He's been on the blog a few times. I just can't get enough vintage gold belts from the 80s.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my vintage belt collection!



  1. oooo i like the belt with black and white. i am all about a splash a color it makes a statement!

  2. Oh ferragamo! So cool!

  3. You make me want to shop for vintage belts now! Yours are wonderful.

  4. Love you lions, check out more animal belts in my Etsy shop:



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