Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting Out of Dodge

I'm moving out right now and it is really hectic. Actually, my room looks just like this picture (below), but replace that fancy Vogue-appropriate luggage with boxes full of my junk.

I was thinking of you reader, as I always am, and took some pictures to show you the debris. However, I mentioned that I was packing, as anyone knows that when you pack you try to be thorough; you try to pare down and keep the things necessary for survival.

In a few words, I packed up my camera cord. Meaning: no pictures until I get home on Saturday.

Call it what you will (a break, some time off, bad luck, laziness), I'll be using other people's photos for a bit. I do apologize for this because you don't have to waste your time on my blog. You are busy. You have a life. But you are so kind to visit SD, comment, and enjoy my content. You do not visit SD to look at other people's photos that you could search for yourself. I know this. So, in short, thanks for bearing with me.

I'm leaving NYC. I can't believe it's been nine months! Wow, time does fly, doesn't it?
I'm REALLY GOING TO MISS NYC, but I'll be glad to be home. Expecting 80 degree (and above) weather for a solid four months. Yippee!

Does anyone remember this shoot from Vogue? It's one of my favorites!

If you're packing/studying for finals/moving/taking a trip/or doing anything really, I wish you good luck! I'll be in touch from NM very soon!


PS. My font is acting funny, too! Sorry for that...

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  1. What college do you attend?


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