Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Wall and An Education

So I kind of hit a wall. I had just come home and didn't really feel like talking about fashion, style, outfits, or anything of the kind. I didn't feel like talking about much, actually, and I didn't even mind hitting a creative wall.

I realized that I needed a break. A blogging, outfit creating, story telling, photographing BREAK. After more than a week, I feel all better. I'll post outfits soon enough and I'm working on a huge retrospective of my year... Until then, I've got something for you that I think is very inspiring.

I watched An Education today. Oh, man I fell hard! Not really for Carey Mulligan like most others (I did love her voice and she's such a cute girl). But the clothes on her companion, played by Rosamund Pike, took my breath away. Does anyone remember her from Pride and Prejudice?

Anyway, she's lovely. Her hair and make-up were sixties perfection! I've found a few photos for you that I loved from the movie... Check out the leopard and the statement jewelry. Aren't these shots well balanced, too?

 Here they are:

You should definitely see this movie. Apart from the costumes, it's quite visually stunning (especially that scene in Paris) and the story is excellent!



  1. I really wanted to see this movie. I should find the time to sit down with it then! :)

  2. I have been dying to see that movie! It's based on a true story, and from what I've read from it, its very interesting. The fashion looks spectacular though. Love your blog :)

    xoxo Kayla


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