Monday, May 31, 2010

Right on Target

Finally back to outfit posts! I wore this a few days ago for a night out. This dress is the first thing I bought when I came home. It's from Target! 

I needed something to pare the necklace I bought (in a set of three) from eBay for $5 with. The first (shorter) strand are real pearls that I got as a graduation present. I like the longer with the shorter strand. They look good together.

Definitely needed a tougher shoe to pare with the dress...

These shoes are one of my favorites. They're by Kenzie.

The two necklaces together.

It's a very cute print. It's small in scale, which I like.

I hope you have a good memorial day. I'm off to check out some sales! Hopefully I'll find something good!


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  1. I love this dress. what a find! xo Marion


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