Friday, May 28, 2010


(Somewhat) Timely title, no?

 I just wanted to share with you some ladies that are fashion icons to me...

Amanda Brooks: Writer and Author of I Love Your Style.

(J Crew muse/model, to boot!)

Marina Rust Connor: Vogue Contributing Editor. I've long read her articles in Vogue. I think she has a lovely voice in her writing and I love her style. She's lovely. I even found her out of print novel Gatherings and bought it on Amazon!

Lauren Santo Domingo: Vogue Contributing Editor and socialite. Do you remember her wedding featured in Vogue March 2008? It was amazing.

Meredith Melling Burke: Vogue Market Editor. She's my icon because I want to have her job one day! She does floor-length really well, too...

Plum Sykes: Vogue Contributing Editor/Author. Another favorite Vogue writer of mine and a fabulous lady overall!

I'd love to know your fashion icons! Share them in comments...

Have a good one,
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  1. Some very stylish people here :)

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