Sunday, February 6, 2011

Working Girl

So you got it from the title, I wore this little ensemble to work. And oddly nothing makes you more aware of just how "little" your ensemble is than going to work in it.

Blouse from Gap, vintage belt, skirt from Gap, tights from Target, booties from Vince Camuto.

I've always embraced short hemlines (what else is a short girl to do?), but admittedly this is pretty short. I'm certainly more aware of mini-length skirts and dresses now. Especially when I'm bending over a copy machine and running around the office. It's definitely something to watch out for in the future, but overall I still think this outfit is pretty cute.

But I'll be honest, I only wore it because I have been dying to wear my new wedge booties. They are so versatile, that I think they would look great with just about anything. (I intend to test out this theory, too. Pajamas and wedge booties, jeggings with wedge booties, dresses with wedge booties, sweatpants with wedge booties... The list goes on and on!)

 Luckily, because I'm indoors almost all day, I can pretty much wear what I like. That doesn't mean wearing what I like is always the smartest idea. I still carry flats in my bag and run (while cursing the cold) all the way from my transportation to my office building.

What can I say? It's part of my very glamorous life as an intern!



  1. love the booties!!! where did you take your internship at? :) always love your outfit!


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